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Blames Reid, Democrats for shutdown

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POSTED October 1, 2013 11:48 p.m.

Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Today marks the second day of a partial shutdown of the federal government. More than 800,000 government workers will be sent home without pay. A significant portion of employees from nearly every Cabinet-level department as well as other federal agencies will be furloughed. Fortunately, our men and women in uniform will continue to be paid, the only bright spot amid the otherwise not so good news we hear from Washington.

Perhaps the worst part about this shutdown is that, like most confrontations in Washington, it could have been completely avoided if cooler heads in Congress had prevailed. House Republicans have offered proposals time and time again to first defund Obamacare, then delay its most harmful provisions for a year, and then simply to repeal a tax on medical devices that even some Democrats say is a flaw with the law. Senate Democrats, led by Majority Leader Harry Reid, rejected every single proposal without even considering them. Sen. Reid insists on nothing less than Obamacare as is, with all its proven flaws and burdens on the American people.

All along, Senator Reid and his fellow Democrats have ridiculed Republicans, who want to alter and fix Obamacare as “anarchists” and “extremists” that believe that the government must be shut down at all cost only to make a political point. They say the Tea Party is to blame for dysfunction in Washington, because representatives who support the Tea Party also feel that Obamacare must be repealed because it is harmful to hard-working families and a broad increase in the federal government’s power.

The truth is that it is Reid and the Democrats who are fueling this dysfunction. They have proven their intransigence by refusing to talk to the other side. They claim they want to compromise to make our government work, but when the rubber meets the road they have proven they are only interested in protecting a terribly harmful law that hurts Americans and hurts our economy. They have shown who the real anarchists are, and the American people are worse off because of their brinksmanship.

David Cushman
Manteca Young Patriots

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