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Plenty of Pumpkin Far carnival options

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Kylie Farmer and her mom Sandra enjoy the Typhoon ride.

HIME ROMERO/The Bulletin

POSTED October 2, 2013 11:13 p.m.

Sandra Farmer took the hand of her 5-year-old daughter Kylie, walked up the ramp to “Typhoon,” and climbed into a seat.

And the fun began.

It took less than 10-seconds before the rock-and-roll, rollercoaster-esqe carnival ride reached full-speed and left both Kylie and her mother shrieking with excitement as they made dozens of passes before the ride slowed and then repeated the same track in reverse.

The family, among the first to try out the Manteca Pumpkin Fair carnival at the Promenade Shops at Orchard Valley parking lot at the 120 Bypass and Union Road, moved to Manteca from Fremont only two years ago but have made it a  point to hit the carnival both times they’ve had the opportunity.

Not having to travel outside of their community, Farmer said, for quality family entertainment is a rare occurrence.

“There aren’t a whole lot of chances to do stuff like this as a family except for bowling,” she said. “We have a lot of fun doing it, and it’s nice when there aren’t a lot of people or lines to have to deal with. It’s great when there are other kids that she can play with, but it’s good to get out and have fun as a family.”

The Sacramento-based California Carnival Company – that operates annually at the Almond Blossom Festival as well as the Pumpkin Fair – is tasked with running the rides.

Here are a few of the attractions that are available this year, and what you can expect:

• The Century Wheel: This massive Ferris Wheel, which allows up to four people to ride together in a cabin-style configuration, came all of the way from Europe to a part of carnival-owner Kevin Tate’s lineup. And while the ride itself is  an attraction, Tate outfitted it with a LED package that makes it mesmerizing to watch at night – an explosion of colors that is sure to attract plenty of attention from traffic on the nearby Highway 120 Bypass. Cost – 5 tickets.

• The Typhoon: New for this carnival season, this rollercoaster-esqe attraction – which combines bright lights, a fog volcano and live music to create a unique environment – has been one of the most popular rides on the company’s circuit. And it’s truly fun for all ages. Five-year-old Kyle Farmer was beaming ear-to-ear as the cars flew around the track on Wednesday afternoon – the first of many kids that will get their kicks from this high-flying romp. Cost – 5 tickets.

• The Scooters: Remember the old-fashioned bumper cars from your days at the County Fair or out at The Boardwalk? These are them. Eight cars are lined up across from eight other cars, and when the bell rings, mayhem ensues. While they’ve never been a ride for the faint of heart – the collisions can be pretty jarring – they’re fun for just about everybody and bring back memories of those days long gone by. Cost – 4 tickets.

• Jumanji Funhouse: The mirrored entrance. The split level. The shrieks of excitement. In another new addition to the California Carnival Company lineup, this new funhouse is a favorite of the younger crowd and those who might not be so keen on the quick-motion that anchors some of the other attractions. Consider this a worthwhile option for the kid in your group that doesn’t think flying off of the kitchen counter onto a homemade landing of couch cushions is a good way to pass the time. Cost – 3 tickets.

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