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Teapublicans & kids throwing fits at Wal-Mart

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POSTED October 21, 2013 12:32 a.m.

Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

After intense negotiations between the Teapublican kids and the Senate adults (Except for a couple led by Ted Cruz who tried to spoil his kids in the first place), John Boehner finally put the Senate bill to open up the Government and set a new limit on the National Debt up for a vote and it passed. (144 of those spoiled kids voted to drive the country into default). Like spoiled children at Wal-Mart who don’t care that their parents may have a budget to follow, they didn’t care what the ramifications would be. But then kids will be kids, right?

 So what’s $24 billion lost government revenue, thousands of jobs affected, untold billions lost to private enterprise and small businesses? Apparently it all means nothing to these guys because they have promised to do it all over again in a few short months.

Of course I am being more than facetious to call spoiled children having “intense negotiations” with their parents at Wal-Mart. Everyone knows what was really going on, right? Everyone also knows that if John Boehner had put up a clean Senate continuing resolution for a House vote in the first place, we wouldn’t have gone through this mess.

So what did John Boehner win for Ted’s kids besides show them just how childish they really were? For weeks, these brats sat on the floor of Wal-Mart and demanded item after item from the toy shelf.

The following are 18 Teapublican demands that the Senate rejected:

Defund ObamaCare (Their favorite, 44 times and counting), delay ObamaCare, delay individual mandate, deny coverage to the President, deny Coverage to the Cabinet, deny coverage to Congressional staffers, deny birth control coverage, Approve Keystone Pipeline, means-testing for Medicare, change federal employee pensions, expand oil drilling, block net neutrality, tort reform, weaken regulations for coal-fired power plants, tax code changes, thwart EPA coal-ash regulations, repeal medical device tax, and change rules on debt.

Finally they asked for a way to determine income eligibility for medical assistance under the Health Care Act... and they got it... But guess what? That is already included in the Health Care Act. So the parents said OK since the toy that was already in the shopping basket.

Republican Adult, Sen. John McCain said it best when he called the Teapublican assault, a fool’s errand. I couldn’t have put it better than that.

Larry Baca


Oct. 18. 2013

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