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Aquila: Is Larry Baca crossing over?

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POSTED October 23, 2013 12:44 a.m.

Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Is Larry Baca becoming a conservative?  I was glad he showed concern about the cost of the government shutdown.  I am sure he was also concerned that the Obama Administration pre-planned the shutdown with pre-made signs and rented barricades to block Americans access to parks, beaches, and other landmarks. 

I am sure Larry Baca was also concerned that U.S. veterans were blocked from their privately funded memorials in an open mall in Washington, D.C., I am sure Larry Baca has concern that Obama is providing billions of taxpayer dollars to refurbish foreign mosques and aid the Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Queda in Lybia and the Taliban in Pakistan.  Did I say Al-Queda and the Taliban?  Yes, the same terrorist network responsible for killing thousands of Americans. 

I am sure Larry Baca is also concerned that Obamacare is becoming a disaster for most Americans with higher premiums while many other Americans are losing their coverage altogether.  I am sure Larry Baca is concerned that Obamacare is now responsible for one-sixth of the American economy and has a website build by a Canadian company that cost $619 million and still does not work.  I am sure Larry Baca would agree that an American company should have built the website instead, which would have provided Americans jobs. 

Speaking of jobs, seven out of eight jobs created in America are now part-time jobs due to Obamacare.  Too bad Obamacare creates 16,000 new federal IRS agents.  I am sure Larry Baca would agree that it should have created 16,000 new doctors instead.  I am sure Larry Baca is concerned that our national debt just went over $17 trillion and Obama is on pace to accumulate more debt in one presidency than all the presidents from George Washington to George W. Bush did combined!  To get an idea of our national debt, if congress were to control spending and save one million dollars a day, every day, every week, every month, of every year, it would take 2,740 years before we would save one trillion and 46,580 years to pay off the 17 trillion, not including interest.  This does not include over 100 trillion of unfunded liabilities, such as Social Security. 

I am glad Larry Baca has concern about the government waste and the direction Obama and the Democrats have taken America.  If Larry Baca can become a conservative, maybe there is still hope for America.

Frank Aquila
President, South San Joaquin Republicans
Oct. 22, 2013

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