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Funny how fake healthcare sites work

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POSTED November 1, 2013 11:45 p.m.

Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

This is in regards to the Wednesday Oct. 30, Opinion page letter, “It’s about affordable care, not a great website.”

I see where Larry Baca is at it again  railing away at Frank Aquila, the Republicans Party, the Tea Party (Teapublicans?) Sara Palin, etc.   As usual he has to denigrate  Aquila in the now true Democrat fashion, ( hurl insults, belittle, and anything they can to degrade anyone who dares speak out against anything the Democratic Party supports)

Mr. Baca, don’t you ever get tired of carrying water for the Communist Party? 

You have single handily become the local icon in following the Communist Party’s agenda of insulting and/or treating people and their words, in such a contemptuous manner that would cause people to avoid speaking out. 

As an example, the government website for the “affordable” medical care program: Mr. Aquila pointed out that the website/program was designed to sell a single product and its designers had more than three years to design, produce and implement a program, that, at a taxpayer cost of more than $600 million, was expected to have an enormous amount of on line attention, and they failed. 

The program, probably one of the worst ideas ever hatched in D.C., could not handle the attention. 

Not good, but, it may have been expected, as the company that was chosen by the Democrats to handle the program, which Mr. Aquila pointed out was a non-bidding family friends business (that in itself should be grounds for an investigation), failed also to produce a workable program for the Canadian Government, when they contracted them to build a federal gun registry program, which was plagued with delays and over runs.  The Canadian government spent $10 million to cancel the contract, on top of $81 million already spent — close to $100 million in U.S. dollars at the time. 

Somehow, someone thought they could do a better job designing an on-line program with the “affordable” medical care project. 

Funny how the NSA can build a system that works flawlessly in obtaining data collected from wiretaps, computers, emails, fax’s etc., but we can’t build a computer program to handle the health care program no one but the Democrats wants anyway? 

I know you’ll contest that comment, but do you really think those 14 million small business and individuals who purchase their own insurance plans, that received their cancelation notices, will want the so called “affordable medical program?  Somehow, due to the costs involved, I doubt it.

But, for those who really want that program; be aware, since the launch of, authorities have discovered over 700 fake scam sites trying to mine your personal information.

They’re easy to spot. They’re the sites that actually work.

Al Barth


Nov. 1, 2013

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