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Is mural on the water tank really a ‘great’ idea?

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POSTED November 7, 2013 1:34 a.m.

Editor, Manteca Bulletin

Here we go again; someone comes up with “a great” idea and no one checks into its need, its benefit, or the physical constraints. No wonder the Manteca City Council is so easily swayed down a path that sounds great on paper or during an election year, but after the money has been spent it did not pan out, again.

In discussing a mural or billboard on the new water storage tank at Woodward Avenue and Moffat Boulevard, here are some obvious factors that should have been highlighted by staff, or at least known by the council people themselves, since they live in Manteca.

1. The water storage tank is at least one-half mile from Highway 120. The tank itself will be slightly visible from Highway 120, but any mural will certainly not be visible.

2. The water tank is only slightly visible from Highway 99 and only for a very short time, because there are a number of large buildings blocking its view from the highway. And, the only roadway segment presently visible is vacant land which will be developed in the near future.

Twenty years ago, when staff was first discussing the installation of these low storage water tanks throughout the community, I proposed (as the city planner) to Public Works that the tanks be placed along the two highways so they could be utilized for advertising the community. Now that it is “a great” idea but the location of the city’s large storage tanks cannot serve that purpose.

If the Council has a burning desire to spend upwards of $100,000, why not complete the West Louise Avenue railroad crossing (between Airport Way and Union Road), where school children are forced to walk on the tracks or along the edge of the roadway next to speeding traffic. This roadway project has only been waiting 20 years for the City to complete its part.

I think the community needs to discuss the real “lasting legacy” that this city council has created in 12 years; but perhaps not in the same terms as noted by the seating council member.

Benjamin Cantu


Nov. 6, 2013

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