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Manteca Unified honors perfect student STARs

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POSTED November 13, 2013 12:56 a.m.

Fifty-three more students were honored by the Manteca Unified School District for posting perfect 600 STAR testing scores in 2013. Several of the students did not just achieve perfect scores; they have already done the feat twice or three times before.

Certificates of Achievement were handed out to each of the students just before the start of the Board of Trustees’ meeting last week.

A total of 105 students were recognized, 26 of whom were encore achievers of the same caliber once or twice in previous years. One student even received perfect score awards six years in a row. And, noted a delighted Manteca Unified Senior Director of Elementary Education Cheryl Meeker during the first award presentation, there is a large number of families with “multiple” perfect scorers this year that she has not seen in previous years.

At the conclusion of the awards presentation, the young achievers were congratulated by the Board of Trustees, Superintendent Jason Messer, and other school district officials. Light refreshments which included star-shaped cookies were also served to the students and their families.

Below is a complete list of all the students who achieved perfect 600 scores in 2013, along with the school they were attending at the time, the subjects in which they excelled, and the number of years they have received the same award wherever appropriate:


August Knodt School:

Leilani Dacus, 2nd grade, English-Language Arts

Kaila Donato, 4th grade, Math

Titus Haley, 5th grade, Math, 3 years

Mekhi Moore, 3rd grade, Math

Andrea Munoz Ruiz, 3rd grade, Math

Reina Resendiz, 2nd grade, English-Language Arts

Bryan Rodriguez, 5th grade, Math

CiAnna Ross, 2nd grade, Math

Brock Elliott
Elementary School:

Cristian Garcia, 3rd grade, Math

Bhupinder Kaur, 6th grade, Math

Jenni Nassayan, 2nd grade, Math

Melanie Nguyen, 4th grade, Math, 3 years

James Peeks, 2nd grade, English-Language Arts

Logan Kirkham, 4th grade, Math

Karan Patel, 5th grade, Math

Sarah Rios, 2nd grade, English-Language Arts

French Camp School:

Jesus Montanez, 5th grade, Math

Mackenzie Romero, 5th grade, Math

Golden West School:

Justin Beglau, 3rd grade, Math

Larry Cornell, 3rd grade, Math

Angelino Cuellar, 3rd grade, Math

Ian McClish, 5th grade, Science

Liam McClish, 3rd grade, Math

Great Valley School (Weston Ranch):

 Lydell King, 5th grade, Math

Joshua Cowell School:

Solman Aniss, 6th grade, Math, 3 years

Shannon Le, 4th grade, Math

Kiersten Mendel Melan, 5th grade, Math, 3 years

Sean Melan, 3rd grade, Math

Daniel Ngo, 4th grade, Math, 2 years

Dustin Ngo, 6th grade, Math, 3 years

Komure School
 (Weston Ranch):

Lauren Alfaro, 7th grade, Math, 3 years

Cody Cahn, 3rd grade, Math

Samantha Jantz, 3rd grade, Math

Sierra Reyes, 2nd grade, Math

Joseph Salvador, 4th grade, Math

Lathrop High School:

Julian Ramirez, 10th grade, Science

Lathrop Elementary:

Justin Matthew Barber, 8th grade, Science, 2 years

Mossdale School (Lathrop):

 Navneet Garcha, 8th grade, Math and Science

Lincoln School:

Ariadna Jeronimo Vasquez, 3rd grade, Math

Julian Ochoa, 3rd grade, Math

David Salazar, 3rd grade, Math

Manteca High School:

Richard Hebert, 11th grade, History, 2 years

Si Jie Tang, 9th grade, Math, 4 years

Tarunpreeet Singh, 8th grade, Science

New Haven School:

Emma Houle, Math

Widmer School (Lathrop):

Aaron Obasuyi, 3rd grade, Math

Joshua Vargas, 5th grade, Math

Dalton Barnes, 4th grade, Math

Noah Wyse, 3rd grade, Math

Weston Ranch
High School:

Tyler Compo (August Knodt) 8th grade, Science

Mary Vang , (August Knodt), 8th grade, Math

Charlie Zhang (Great Valley), 8th grade, Math and Science, 4 years

Nicholas Curtright (Sequoia School), Science.


East Union High School:

Ryan Shaw, 10th grade, Math, 2 years

Connor McKee (Neil Hafley School), 8th grade, Science

Lindsay Dorrett (McParland School), 8th grade, Math and Science, 3 years

Isaac Huffman (McParland School), 8th grade, Science

Daniel Reed (McParland), 8th grade, Science

Andrew Rossete (McParland), 8th grade, Math

Amanda Morison (New Haven), 8th grade, Science

Faisal Handang (New Haven), 8th grade, Science

Emma Rice (New Haven), 8th grade, Math and Science, 2 years

Mark Rodriguez (New Haven), 8th grade, Science

Kaori West (New Haven), Math and Science, 6 years

Elementary School:

Donovan Armstrong, 3rd grade, Math, 2 years

Adelle Dorrett, 4th grade, Math

Kayla Kempner, 4th grade, Math

Mitchell Lill, 3rd grade, Math

Victorio Romo, 7th grade, Math, 3 years

Ryan Salinas, 3rd grade, Math

Christian Garduno, 5th grade, Math

Tianna Torrice, 5th grade, Math

Mossdale School (Lathrop):

Chelsea Dawn, 2nd grade, Math

Arlene Cabrera, 3rd grade, Math

Chad Hoang, 7th grade, Math

Lily Marie Munoz, 3rd grade, Math

Melody Oum, 3rd grade, Math

Prantik Bharadwaj, 4th grade, English-Language Arts and Math, 2 years

Neil Hafley School:

Krisly Huynh, 2nd grade, Math

Ciaran Kemptner, 5th grade, Math, 2 years

Brandon Liedtke, 5th grade, Math

Brandon Pine, 2nd grade, Math

Natalie Tam, 4th grade, Math

New Haven School:

Emma Houle, 3rd grade, Math

Andrew Rice, 3rd grade, Math

Ronald Rice, 5th grade, Math, 2 years

Armanpreet Sekhon, 3rd grade, Math

Nile Garden School:

Austin Frisk, 4th grade, Math

Jason Machado, 4th grade, Math, 2 years

Braydon Williams, 5th grade, Science

Sequoia School:

Nicole Morales, 3rd grade, Math

Shasta School:

Nathaniel Saucedo, 5th grade, Math

Sierra High School:

Miranda Becerra (Stella Brockman), 8th grade, Science, 3 years

Komalpreet Badial (Veritas School), 8th grade, Math

Stella Brockman School:

Bryanna Gavino, 6th grade, Math, 2 years

Diana Hernandez, 4th grade, Math

Veritas School:

Tiana Cello, 4th grade, Math, 2 years

Jacob Rodriguez, 4th grade, Math

Samuel Veuve, 3rd grade, Math

Olivia Werner, 3rd grade, Math

Nicholas Johnson, 3rd grade, Math

Woodward School:

Kaytlin Henrick Leister, 3rd grade, Math

Aleena James, 4th grade, Math

Kurtis Ma, 6th grade, Math, 4 years

Kerren Zou, 5th grade, Math, 2 years

Livleen Kaler, 3rd grade, Math

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