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Killer is only controlled by meds

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POSTED November 15, 2013 1:10 a.m.

Editor’s note: Based on the situation and where the writer of this letter lives in Manteca we have withheld her name.

Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

You asked for input on putting Ronald Benjamin Toppila, 73 years of age, putting him in our neighborhood. Toppila, who slashed his Mother more than 50 times with a box cutter, broke her ribs, larynx, and jaw. Even having him in our city is scary to me.

If the court and judge found that Roland Toppila is no longer a danger to health, and safety of others, they why did they not put him in next door to where they live?

This man only served 9 years for this horrid crime. And I feel anyone that could do that to their Mother, let alone anyone else, has to be insane. But you do not get over it by taking medication as that only controls the symptom. And who will suffer if he decided not to take his medication? And we all know this has been done before. They pretend to take it, and then they plot, and plan. And this is not a lockdown place he is going to be staying at. There have already been people who just walk off.

Does the fact he will be living down the road from where we live bother me? You bet your life it bothers me. It also bothers me for all the people, little kids, older adults and the staff where he will be living has to deal with him being in our area.

And please, do not think a 73-year-old man is old and harmless. That is a big mistake a lot of people will make. He is far from harmless.

Age has nothing to do with inflicting pain, causing someone to suffer, or killing someone. We read about that all the time in the paper and hear it on the news. Any age can become a killer. And you will not convince me that this person is healed. He is only controlled with medication.

Grant you, he may have hated his Mother, and would not harm anyone else. But that is a big “maybe” that I would rather not have to deal with. I just hope and pray I do not read in your paper where he went on a walk, and decided to cut the devil out of people he encounters.

Scary part is there are a lot of people out there with some devilish actions about them. But that does not give anyone the right to try and cut the devil out of them.

Why is Manteca even considering letting them put that person in our city? Do we not have a say or any control over something like this? I thought Manteca was a family community. Have I been wrong for the past 50 plus years? Families do not live next door to known killers who can walk anytime they want to.

I do not want Ronald Benjamin Toppila to know where he can locate an old person that could have a bit of devilish actions about them.

Editor’s note: The City of Manteca per se is powerless under state law to say “yes” or “no” to such a court order.

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