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Teapublicans have no health care plans

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POSTED November 18, 2013 12:40 a.m.

Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

In the last few weeks since the Affordable Health Care Act was rolled out, there have been at least six letters, (four from the same two individuals) denouncing the ACA as a complete failure, mostly because of the problems with the National ACA web site and because of the cancelled cheap junk-policies that didn’t comply with ACA standards.

I’m not going to bore you with the content of these letters, suffice it to say they all had something in common, a desire to blur reality to suit the Teapublican agenda. They also had something else in common, no mention of any of the policies that will help 40 million previously uninsured Americans obtain affordable health care coverage and protect all Americans from predatory Insurance companies.

They all make a big deal out of the “cancelled Polices and Increased rates”. Let me fill them in on something: From 2001 to 2008 insurance companies combined net profit increased from $2.5 billion to $12.5 billion. Your health insurance increased by close to 150% and they canceled millions of policies to increase profits. What do you think Insurance companies are in business for? To make sure you stay healthy? Hell no, it’s to make a profit, what is so hard to understand about that? Why do you think they jumped at the chance to cancel the junk-plans and offer something much higher? Did they suggest going to the ACA Exchange to shop for a cheaper plan? Of course not, why would they do that and lose out on all those profits? It is simple logic folks, think about it.

The other thing missing from their letters and from the Teapublican agenda: no substitute plan. That’s right, have you noticed that little missing tidbit? The GOP has no substitute plan. That’s not to say they never had a plan, they did, and it’s been working well in Massachusetts, that’s why President Obama chose that plan as his National Plan. So why didn’t the GOP support their own plan? Why was it suddenly denounced as a government takeover, something evil, something to be repealed (About 45 times and counting)?

There is a simple way to look at this, the ACA is an ambulance being driven back and forth to the hospital by President Obama, the ambulance is carrying about 40 million previously uninsured Americans to get medical care without stopping at the ER as was the status quo prior to the ACA. It is also carrying millions more Americans, some with per-existing conditions or other conditions, which made them victims of predatory Insurance Companies. The GOP is the Clown Car circling the hospital doing nothing except trying it’s damnedest to crash into the ambulance over and over again. It’s simple, it really is.

Larry Baca


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