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Air district probably happy about plant closing

Air rules hurting truckers & others

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POSTED November 24, 2013 11:58 p.m.

Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Thank you for the articles and column on the Pilkington closure. This plant has been an issue for air districts in the state for many years. They are probably jumping for joy that we will close in February.

 The hourly payroll alone for the past 12 months was $6 million not counting benefits and pensions. To replace that kind of money with the jobs being created in the valley today will require twice the amount of jobs being lost.

 There is one correction on your column. The amount to meet state pollution standards needed to keep running was $6 million. The $100 million the company was going to invest would have included pollution equipment, furnace repair, tin bath improvements, coating equipment, Lehr replacement and new robots. Ironically the product we were going to make after the repair was glass for solar panels.

 Jim Gulbronson


Local 418G

Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

I read your column every morning. On Wednesday morning you talked about job loss in the valley at the glass plant. The California Air Resources Board is putting thousand of truckers out to pasture.

I have been driving truck for fifty years. I own a ten wheel dump truck and work on construction sites. A new truck is $150,000. We don’t make that kind of money to buy a new one. We buy tires, buy parts, and go to mechanics a lot. A lot of people will lose their livelihood. Thank you for your column.

Jim Fuller


Nov, 20, 2013

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