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Hoping Obama will have better year

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POSTED November 24, 2013 11:58 p.m.

Last year when I made my annual pilgrimage to my mom’s house to watch the New Year’s college bowl festival at her neighbor’s house, I told her that for the first time in recent memory I was not counting down the days until the calendar could be turned to start a new year because I was anxious to shed myself of the last one. I told her that for once, things had not been too bad and life was all right.


I spoke way too soon.

In the last 12 months I lost my mother, two of my friends their father and another a brother. As I write this, today would have been my mother’s 97th birthday and we would be planning what we were going to do for Thanksgiving.

 I honestly do not know if I will ever celebrate Thanksgiving again. I well up every time I see a turkey commercial, thinking of how we had so much fun in the kitchen – making the stuffing just so, breaking down the carcass for soup and sending her home with so much food she would freeze it and then eat if for months, saying how good it was.

But life goes on and time heals all wounds – or so we are told. The jury is still out on that one. But as bad as the last 12 months have been for me and mine, they seem like a walk in the park compared to what the next 12 will have in store for Barrack Obama.

I am so sick and tired of those who would rather see this country fail than Obama succeed. First, it was self-proclaimed mission of the opposition to see that Obama was a one-term president. Could you imagine the outcry that would have ensued had the Democrats said that about George W. Bush in 2000?

Despite all the efforts at undercutting and subterfuge during his first term, somehow Obama was elected for a second term. I had hoped that finally the Tea Party types would try and do what was best for the country and put their petty vendetta aside.


No such luck.

All that happened was the howitzers were taken off of Obama and focused on his underpinnings – the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare as its opponents condescendingly refer to it. And now the fate of the ACA is anything but certain

A funny thing happened last week – Obama admitted he made a mistake with his proclamation that people would be able to keep their existing insurance. (Could you imagine the last president admitting he made a mistake?)

So how did the Republicans react? Did they introduce a bill in the Republican-controlled House that mirrored what the president had said about extending current health insurance plans? Not exactly. They smelled blood in the water and introduced a bill to that effect but with the provision that new policies may be written that do not meet the provisions of the ACA, knowing it would be vetoed.

This is the question I have to ask – where would the ACA be today had one-tenth of the effort to sink it been put toward making it work? But the TP types do not care about what is best for the country, only for their myopic selves.

My liberal roots run deep. When I was in the Army my father sent me a letter suggesting that when I got out I should volunteer for the Ted Kennedy presidential campaign. My mother would get a chuckle when she would tell about the time my son was a toddler in a shopping basket when he saw a picture of Ronald Reagan on TV Guide in SaveMart and he blurted out, “Look grandma – it’s Ronnie baby,” to the glares of other shoppers.

I do not revel in my liberalism – but the alternative is just nauseating. What did Reagan do when he controlled the Senate? Got the savings and loans deregulation through and fired the air traffic controllers. (When he signed the deregulation bill, Reagan said that was a great day for America – how did that work out?)  What did George W. Bush do when he had both houses of Congress?  Passed tax breaks that rewarded his backers and punished the rest of us.

So when Obama had both houses of Congress, he got the ACA passed. Is it perfect? No. Is it even good? Maybe not in its present form, but maybe if those to the right would try to fix it instead of bury it, the country would be better off.

Oh Mr. President, I do hope your next 12 months will be better than my last 12 have been – but if I was a betting man, I would bet not.


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