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What can I do about noisy, rude neighbors?

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POSTED December 27, 2013 7:22 p.m.

Ho, Ho, Ho to the Real Estate Boys;  We are sort of hoping we might be the Christmas letter of the year, just like Time’s person of the year.  In fact, we sent Time your names for people of the year, keep your fingers crossed, Guys.  OK, enough small talk.  Our question is about neighbors who allow dogs to bark all day, rev their motor cycles early in the morning, 6:30 a.m., and sometimes late in the evening;  neighbors who have tree branches that drop leaves and sap into my pool — basically, rude neighbors in general.  Is there anything I can do to stop this unacceptable behavior? 

Don ‘Task

Well, another super question.  You readers have the incredible ability to ask good questions week in and out.  Bad neighbor, or neighbors, can be a burr under the saddle and then it just continues to fester.  Let’s tackle this question in segments — landscape, noise and then rudeness.  Larry, take it away sir.

Frist off let me say Merry Christmas to all from the Real Estate Boys and all of the Realtors who strive every day to do the right things for buyers and sellers.  OK, landscape issues.  Sorry to say but leaves dropping on your side of the fence are not an issue I’d fight over.  In the fall and early winter leaves are going to drop on the ground and the wind will then carry them to other yards.  That’s an act of nature.  While mowing my lawn this past weekend I had at least six different types of leaves on my lawn.  And not one of them was from my trees.  My Birch tree dropped all its leaves weeks ago.   I would hope that neighbors could/would attempt to talk about issues that affect a good neighbor.  I doubt we’d need John Kerry or Condolizzaa Rice to come and broker a peace agreement over a tree branch or a root pushing up the fence.  Sit down with your neighbor with an open mind and discuss the problem.  Try and see the other side’s point of view.  Be reasonable in your requests for the solution.  In fact, make it a request not a demand.   Your turn to tackle the barking dogs and motorcycles, Lloyd. 

Thanks Lar, says Lloyd in a whisper.   Ok, now read very quietly please.  If you have barking dogs for next door neighbors just know the dog is just lonely and wants nothing more than the owner to come out and play.  Or, Fluffy is done with her business and is requesting, the only way she can, to go back into the house because it’s very cold out right now.  If the animal barks continually, the same rules apply as above, go speak with Fluffy’s mom and dad.  But, do speak to them in a kindly manner.  It’s not “hey your da*^ dog barks all day keep’m from barking!”  But maybe, “Hey Dagwood, Daisy’s starting to bark a lot when you and Blondie are gone all day on that all-you-can-eat bus tour. Tootsie and I couldn’t enjoy the pool today, we felt bad for Daisy.  Ya’ know it was hot so I looked over the fence and she was out of water.  I sent Elmo over to fill up her dish and she was fine.”   That’s being a neighborly neighbor. Just also remember to return the tools good as new as my neighbor does!

Now the car engine or the motorcycle.  Lloyd just told me about his trip to Newport Beach last week. Seems his friend’s beach home has a neighbor who loves to sit on his loud Harley and just rev the motor and listen to the mufflers make really neat sounds.  His friend had gone over to the neighbor and asked loudly over the noise to keep it down but was told “this is America and I have the right to my pleasures.”  That didn’t go well with Lloyd’s friend.  Now, the neighbor will start the Harley at 6:30 a.m. and sometimes well after 9:30 p.m. knowing it is just making his neighbor’s blood boiling.   In this situation, it may be best to call the local police and explain the situation to them.  Let the guys with the badges step between a crazy and you.  Lloyd do you have anything to close with on this subject?

Yeah Larry, let’s close with the old saying that “do unto to others.”  That pretty much says it all for just about any situation.  If you’re doing something that is harmful or irritating to other people then stop or that person then might turn around and do the same back to you.  Like little kids, the game then escalates to the point until somebody goes home to mom crying.   

‘Twas 4 days after Christmas and all through Town, the citizens were comfy in their new sweats and gowns.    The TV’s were on to the last 9er game, a thunderous roar cried out but one name…… no silly you, not St. Nick, but Turlock’s own Kaepernick.  Here’s to a New Year’s wish that on Feb 2, 2014, the game is played with our own favorite team.  Go 9ers.  Happy New Year’s, readers.  

— Lloyd was a farmer for 27 years and is well versed in ag and homes. Lloyd has been a Realtor since 2000. He is active in the Realtor CanTree project and was a Board member with the Central Valley Association of Realtors. He was honored by his peers as the 2006 Realtor of the Year.

Larry became a Realtor in 1983 and a broker in 1987. He was appointed to the Turlock Planning Commission and then elected to the Turlock City Council. He is a past President of the Central Valley Association of Realtors. Larry has also donated over 13 gallons of blood to the Delta Blood Bank!

Lloyd and Larry have ventured out and opened their own real estate office, Turlock Realty Group, located at 1505 Geer Rd., Turlock. They are located directly behind String’s at the Geer and Hawkeye intersection.

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