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Points out Islam followers have slaughtered Christians

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POSTED February 4, 2014 2:08 a.m.

Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Most people would honestly agree with you about hate being an ugly underside (Dennis Wyatt’s Monday column: “Hate mongers leave ugly mark on Manteca”).  However when you mention the support of the religious tenets of the Islamic faith maybe you have somehow missed the slaughter of Christians around the world by Islamists.

Photos showing dozens and dozens of Christians inside a church or on a nearby beach in countries around the world are testimony to the real tenets of Islam by a good portion of those who follow Allah.

Right here in our beloved Manteca I personally saw words of hate on local park benches and tables specifically detailing the burning of Bibles and the killing of non-believers. Using the editor’s words the next time I won’t consider it an out of control teen prank and will report it to the police and demand it be treated as a hate crime.

Bigotry is not on the increase as you noted but it is not in reality associated with those where it belongs. It might be noted that some of those who frequently post letters in the Bulletin have been known to state that one who believes in God could not have the ability for reason or logic. Such “freethinkers” are those who continue to attack Christians but we are asked to be kind and generous to Islam.

I for one would like to hear and see from Islamic leaders an outcry over the violence of those who claim to follow Allah when slaughtering and violating women who are Christians then and only then would I begin to believe that we are at peace in this world with all religions.

Jerry Johnson
Feb. 3, 2014

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