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The love you seek is one breath away

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POSTED February 15, 2014 12:59 a.m.

Love is in the air.

If you doubt that, step outdoors after midnight. It’s when lazy circulation patterns that caress Manteca as the air settles down after the sun slips behind the Altamont Pass bring with them the gentle aroma of almond orchards awakening.

In a few days it will be tough to resist the temptation to crack your windows before retiring so the night air, laden with the elixir known as almond blossom scents, can tickle your nose and inspire sweet dreams.

Chanel No. 9 can’t hold a candle to nature’s concoction.

Nature is starting to awaken from its winter slumber everywhere you go.

Buds are setting on roses and Japanese maples. The massive yet dainty blooms of tulip trees have suddenly turned skeletons of branches into easels displaying Mother Nature’s fanciful art.

The green framework that in the coming months will populate yards and the countryside with everything from daffodils and Golden Poppies to irises is starting to break through soil softened with a much-needed splattering of rain.

It’s a matter of weeks until you will be able to wake up and literally smell the roses.

The San Joaquin Valley’s rebirth is well underway.

New smells and sights greet you every day, making a walk or a jog a sinful pleasure.

Sinful knowing much of the country is being slammed unmercifully with snow and ice by Old Man Winter as you enjoy nature’s reawakening and temperate days. Pleasurable thanks to the moist and cool mornings that coax intoxicating smells and colors out of nature to lure bees and to sharpen your senses.

It is heaven on earth and an earth-bound nirvana rolled up into one. It’s not about you. It’s about life. All of what nature promises is unfolding in front of your eyes and under your nose. There is nothing left to desire as the world wakes up from its long slumber. Plants that days ago appeared to be nothing but dead and barren are showing signs of life. It is magical to be able to savor nature’s rebirth.

The valley holds beauty throughout the calendar. But at no time of the year is there an abundance of little miracles as in the next 30 or so days when a pre-scripted dance of buds and flowers start appearing in one spell binding act after another.

 You don’t have to journey to the far ends of the earth to commune with nature. Just open your windows, your eyes and your heart. Step outside. Fall in love with what is unfolding around you. The wizards of the Silicon Valley might be able to replicate it in high-def, 3-D images you can print out on a piece of high tech equipment costing $3,000. Those absorbed in social media and such might post snippets of it on YouTube for you to download or on Facebook for you to like. They might even one day come up with an app that allows you to smell it on your smartphone.

Remember, though, that phone sounds like phony for a reason. What you see, hear and one day will probably smell through endless code strung together by those slaving indoors holed up far from nature in a mad drive to fill their bank accounts with millions are just facsimiles. It’s not the real deal. And it never will be.

To enjoy what you can every day in the valley, others would have to book a trip and record everything they see with electronic devices and then play it back. You can savor it every day storing it in your memory banks to access on a darker day without need of a camera phone or traveling far.

And as far as encore performances, all you simply have to do is wait for the earth to complete its trip around the sun for it to all start over again.

It’s a shame to live in paradise and to color it with emotions that mask what is truly here. Yes, there are issues as old as civilization itself – crime, congestion, poverty and people interacting badly with each other. It is nothing new. It’s been around ever since man got high enough in the pecking order to no longer have to view other creatures as well as plants, trees and vegetation as being what keeps our stomachs filled.

As survival becomes less of a pressing daily issue we seek solace in things that warm our heart and soul. It has been an endless search of civilized man.

But as Glinda the Good Witch of Wizard Oz fame could tell you, the answer you seek has been around you all the time.

Open your windows and heart. Go for a walk. Fall in love.

This column is the opinion of executive editor, Dennis Wyatt, and does not necessarily represent the opinion of The Bulletin or Morris Newspaper Corp. of CA.  He can be contacted at or (209) 249-3519.

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