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Does God really hear our prayers?

By Phil Waterford & Margarita Soto

May 04, 2013 | | On The Road

Giving with no expectations

"I am not a hero. I'm a local business owner who is struggling like most business owners in one of the worst economies our nation has ever experience." I shared with the audience that God has put something heavy on my heart and that there is something special that I must do. I turned to two of our wounded warriors, Christopher Braley and Jose Jaurequi and presented them both envelopes. I informed them that enclosed in these envelopes were checks payable to them, and that they could do whatever they wanted with the money. I told them both the ...

May 04, 2013 | | On The Road

Sometimes wherever we are is where we’re supposed to be...


May 04, 2013 | | On The Road

A Miracle was performed

Bob Gutierrez comes from a very musical family. He has an amazing voice and has always had a passion to sing. He was scheduled to appear on television's most popular "The Mike Douglas Show" in the early 70s to showcase his talents. Five days before he was to return home from Vietnam he suffered a bizarre injury when a rocket exploded in his face and severed his neck from ear-to-ear. His fellow soldiers had already tagged Gutierrez thinking that he had expired.

May 04, 2013 | | On The Road

Is this coincidental or just divine intervention?

Specialists from all over the world have no explanation of how his vocal cords have grown. Gutierrez, a Texas resident, drives all over the country sharing his amazing story. When he was invited back to Manteca for the Not Forgotten ceremony he was experiencing car trouble. He attended a church service asking the congregation for prayer that his car would get him home safely.

May 04, 2013 | | On The Road

Crossover is almost a convertible

Folks are Kia Country are excited about the newly redesigned Kia Sorrento.

April 24, 2013 | Vince Rembulat | On The Road

Rankin Ranch: Family favorite for generation


April 24, 2013 | | On The Road

Toyota’s hybrid vehicle sales pass 5 million

TOKYO (AP) - Toyota's global sales of gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles have surpassed 5 million in a milestone for a technology that was initially greeted with skepticism.

April 24, 2013 | | On The Road

Great Wall shows new streamlined SUV

SHANGHAI (AP) - China's most successful SUV producer, Great Wall Motor Co., is coming out with a model that offers the room of a luxury SUV at a mid-range price.

April 24, 2013 | | On The Road

Charger weds muscle with technology

Challenger is still a classic.

April 17, 2013 | Vince Rembulat | On The Road

Air museum in SoCal offer wide variety

People who like airplanes can find a lot to like when they visit Southern California, where they'll find plenty of opportunity to see historic aircraft up-close and personal. In some cases, they'll see a lot more than just aircraft but if you have someone in your family who is fascinated by the world of flight, here are some great places to visit.

April 17, 2013 | | On The Road

VW makes electrification seem natural

Volkswagen's hybridization of its most popular model is a technological mile-marker for its intuitive activation.

April 17, 2013 | Mark Maynard | On The Road

Prices for Carnival cruises are lower than normal

NEW YORK (AP) - Carnival Cruise Lines prices have taken a dip this spring, according to pricing data, and some industry observers are blaming headlines over problems on several Carnival ships.

April 17, 2013 | | On The Road

It takes a spine to benefit from chiropractic care

LOS ANGELES (AP) - Thirty years ago, Dr. Gene Giggleman was a veterinarian who thought chiropractors were quacks. Since then, he says he's straightened out thousands of dogs and cats, not to mention the occasional snake, hamster, gerbil and guinea pig.

April 17, 2013 | | On The Road

Carnival plans $300 million in ship improvements

NEW YORK (AP) - Carnival Cruise Lines on Wednesday announced a $300 million program to add emergency generators, upgrade fire safety and improve engine rooms on all 24 of its ships.

April 17, 2013 | | On The Road

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Hikers drawn to geological gem

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. (AP) - A geological gem awaits hikers in the wilderness along the Arizona-Utah border. Swirls of searing reds, oranges and yellow fold into a ...

July 30, 2015 | ‘The Wave’ is along Arizona-Utah border | On The Road

Infiniti QX80 Limited: Posh SUV brute

The habitat of the big truck-based SUV has been decimated in most regions of the U.S., not just by a downsized economy but also ...

July 30, 2015 | Mark MAYNARD | On The Road

Last year’s Califor-nia Small Business of the Year, Phil Water-ford’s Manteca Ford was responsible f

Bigger is better this year in Chevrolet's largest sport utility vehicle, the Suburban.

July 30, 2015 | ANN M. JOB | On The Road

Manteca Ford to Host Community Charity Sales Event to Benefit Boys & Girls Club

Last year's Califor-nia Small Business of the Year, Phil Water-ford's Manteca Ford was responsible for $10,004 of the $90,340 raised by ...

July 30, 2015 | By Brandon russo | On The Road

Manteca Ford Keeps its Promise

Do you remember "Matthew Hernandez"? He is the 16 year old stu-dent/athlete who found a wallet during the win-ter holidays several years ago with ...

July 30, 2015 | By Brandon russo | On The Road

World Champion Golden State Warriors have Divine Connection

Most people know Ste-phen Curry as the "leader" of the Golden State Warriors. He has won the NBA Most Valuable Player award for his championship ...

July 30, 2015 | By Brandon Russo | On The Road


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