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Me? I wasn’t there

I've recently encountered a strange new phenomenon sweeping the community. It goes by several names: "I was never Here-itis" or "Don't use that Quote-emia." Some people stricken by this don't realize for a day or two and then catch "Post Event Regrettia." The personal satisfaction I receive upon getting a phone call or text the next day, the one informing me "I wasn't there – keep me out of the column," is very short-lived. For one, I'm quite adept at reading the room and am not looking to cause collateral damage with this column. Secondly, and ...

February 06, 2014 | By CHRIS TEICHEIRA Manteca to a 'T' | Manteca to a T

A doff of the cap

A sincere thank you to everyone that enjoyed the first installment of "Manteca to a T." Hearing from my Grandmother that Earl "The Pearl" Pimentel was proud of his former student's column or being forwarded a message from coach Joe Handy – "Teicheira you're like a Virginia Slim. You've come a long way, baby!" – had me walking tall and proud for a day … until I stopped by my mother's house for dinner Friday night.

January 30, 2014 | By CHRIS TEICHEIRA Manteca to a 'T' | Manteca to a T

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