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Turkey prices soar as corporations gobble up pork in form of ethanol subsidies

Having turkey sticker shock?

November 10, 2011 | Dennis Wyatt | Local Columns

EPA blesses corporate polluters while putting screws to the little guys

The Environmental Protection Agency has a cow over methane gas in the San Joaquin Valley.

November 09, 2011 | Dennis Wyatt | Local Columns

How bad is it? Soup kitchen lines vs Black Friday lines

It's the Great Recession, right?

November 08, 2011 | Dennis Wyatt | Local Columns

Miracle on Oak Street

Imagine a 12-ton pile of garbage.

November 06, 2011 | Rose Albano Risso | Local Columns

The grass isn’t any greener on this side of the hill

Using self-serve check-outs is like walking into quick sand.

November 06, 2011 | Dennis Wyatt | Local Columns

Tuesday Rotarians early to rise, early to serve

Jay Holmes – a retired principal of a California Youth Authority school for boys – holds court every Tuesday as president of the Manteca Morning Rotary Club that meets at the Doctors Hospital conference center.

November 06, 2011 | Glenn Kahl | Local Columns

‘A Modest Proposal’ to help homeless

How do you help the homeless?

November 06, 2011 | Dennis Wyatt | Local Columns

Hitting the big banks where it hurts: Shifting demand deposits

Frank Capra made it clear in 1946.

November 05, 2011 | Dennis Wyatt | Local Columns

The $10.11 you spend annually for your good health

It's the time of year when flies make robo calls seem like pleasant interludes.

November 04, 2011 | Dennis Wyatt | Local Columns

Constantly pointing out ethnicity of councilman Vince Hernandez is wrong

Manteca City Councilman Vince Hernandez is a full-blooded American citizen.

November 03, 2011 | Dennis Wyatt | Local Columns

Why she’s passionate about helping others

RIPON - One Ripon business woman had cause to join in the sponsorship of the "News 10 Coats for Kids Drive" Tuesday in the Ace Hardware Shopping Center, along with The Salvation Army, Swanson's Cleaners and with her own Baskin Robbins ice cream shop, and Ripon's Kid Red Entertainment.

November 02, 2011 | Glenn Kahl | Local Columns

Ignoring the invisible people of Manteca

They are there.

November 02, 2011 | Dennis Wyatt | Local Columns

Will Manteca make more traffic & business McMistakes?

Is there really a new day at City Hall?

November 01, 2011 | Dennis Wyatt | Local Columns

Enough to creep me out for a lifetime

IONE – Forget Paranormal Activity 3.

October 30, 2011 | Jason Campbell | Local Columns

The 98% caught between the extreme 1% groups

It is easy to sympathize with some of the sentiments of the Occupy Anything Because We Have Nothing Better To Do movement.

October 30, 2011 | Dennis Wyatt | Local Columns

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What are a few deaths if Google & Tesla can make more money?

It is important to determine whether Joshua Brown was watching Harry Potter on a DVD player when he drove into history May 7 as the ...

July 02, 2016 | Dennis Wyatt | Local Columns

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