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Commercial Printing

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Quality Product
As experienced printers for many years, our commitment is to print quality work in the production of your publication. We specialize in small to medium sized pressruns.

It all starts with the high-speed transfer of your files to our FTP site. We work towards having your publication delivered to us camera-ready, in a secure, hassle-free manner. To minimize the possibility of errors, all files must be sent to us in press-ready PDF format.

We do provide inserting, labeling and mailing services. Other services included are trimming, stapling and/or binding for additional charges.

manteca bulletin kay garciaDelivery
We deliver throughout the Central Valley and outside areas for additional charges. Please call (209)249-3508 for further information on delivery services.

Web Printing
Our Goss Community Web offset press enables us to print a variety of formats and color layouts.

We offer two paper sizes: 25" and 23" web rolls.

*Broadsheet, 25 inch: 12.5" wide x 21.5" tall (Image size 11.5" wide x 21.4" tall)
*Broadsheet, 23 inch: 11.5" wide x 21.5" tall (Image size 11" wide x 21.4" tall)
*Tabloid, 25 inch: 11.25" wide x 12.5" tall (Image size 10.25" wide x 11.75" tall)
*Tabloid, 23 inch: 11.25" wide x 11.5" tall (Image size 10.25" wide x 10.89" tall)

Sheetfed printing
Sheetfed printing can be configured to meet your printing needs. We offer a variety of paper types, sizes, and color options. Please call for details.

Printing Information Required
We strive to give the best quality publications for our customers. To make this easier we have included specifications to follow in order to get you prepared to print with us.

Should you have any questions with these specifications, feel free to call us at (209) 249-3508 and our commercial representatives will be happy to help you.

Preparing Your Advertisement For Web Printing

PDF is the preferred format to receive your publication. If your PDF is distilled correctly, it enables us to produce your publication in a consistent, high-quality manner (Please refer to our guide below for proper distiller settings). However, if corrections are required, it is our policy that you resubmit your PDF with the necessary changes.

commercial printingFor best reproduction of your print requests, we do not recommend that you create your publication in Publisher programs. We also do not recommend creating the actual layout of your ads in Photoshop. Adobe photoshop are best for photos only. Our first choice are ads built in InDesign CS.

Please call your commercial representative if you are preparing your print job with other programs. There are some programs that may create problems when sending to print.

We accept Black and White (Grayscale) and Color (must be CMYK). Grayscale pages, ads, or photos must and sent as grayscale. Please note RGB colors will not print in "true" colors.

We will not color-correct photos unless you have approved it. We are not responsible for the printing quality adjusted photos. If you have any technical questions regarding your photos, please give your commercial representative a call.

We use 85-line screen for color images and 85-line for grayscale images. Image resolution should a minimum 200, preferably 300 dpi for grayscale/CMYK files running at 100% and at least 600 dpi for line art, depending on the original's quality.

Distiller settings:
Please choose the "High Quality" or "Press Quality" preset in Acrobat Distiller. If you are using InDesign, you may also output your PDF directly from the program, but make sure to choose "High Quality" or Quality" in the job options.

If your publication uses spot color:
Please notify us if you are creating a PDF that will be printed in black plus one color. You can call your ad
representative for more information regarding spot color.

How To Send Us Your Publication
We prefer that your upload your publication to use using our FTP site. For login information and instructions, please contact your Manteca Bulletin commercial representative at (209)249-3508 . If you are unable upload directly to our FTP site, we will accept files via e-mail, or if needed, on a CD-ROM or thumb drive delivered to our Manteca Bulletin office.

Designing and/or Reproduction Print Jobs
Any design or reproduction requests will be additional charges. Call your commercial representative for information.

For more information or to speak to a commercial representative, please call us at (209) 249-3508.  or email

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