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Have fireworks gotten out of control?


rozemist rozemist: July 7, 2012 5:27 p.m.

I believe that Manteca should never of legalized
fireworks a huge mistake.
A serious problem exsisted before they were legal here, now it's far greater.
The amount of illegal fireworks that are being used weeks before the 4th and weeks after increases every year, neighborhoods will have to endure this all the month of June till end of July
This will increase the work load for the fire department, and the thousands of police calls
So there is no money for the city, more of a loss I'd say.
Was it really worth it for the city??

Richll99: August 4, 2012 12:18 a.m.

I completely agree to rozemist's comment about the abuse of fireworks here in Manteca.I am speaking about the illegal explosive fireworks that always seem to make it way into this country from China. Not the "safe and Sane" fireworks that are sold at many fundraising fireworks stands. Rozemist is on target about all the illegal fireworks that finds it way into Manteca. Every year since my family moved here at least for the past 6-7 years. Some one has thrown a "barrel bomb" or "Cherry Bomb" or even the old "M-80's" over the retaining wall at our trailer park and it detonates right at my neighbors front door step. This usally happens in the wee morning hours between 1:30 am -3:30 am. And like clock work it explodes right at my neighbors door step it sound like. I have called to the Manteca PD about this but there is little they can do. They are not an omni-present agency. It is amazing that even with the newly formed dept of Homeland Security -- contraband such as this still seems to may it through customs and security checkpoints. Yet senior citizens and infants must strip bare for unnecessary and very invasive searchs of their body cavities at transportation centers. Yet Billions annually are being spent for Homeland Security -- which seems to be either or both inept, unwilling, or even facilitating the flow of illegal contrabands--such as illegal fireworks in this case. How would these purpetrators if some one just entered their home and throw an incendary device in their bedrooms while they slept. They would not like it any better, I am sure. It always seems it is just an "unruly few" who makes life more difficult for the rest of us who make a positive contribution to the community.

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