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If someone is found guilty of animal abuse by throwing a small dog out of the window of a moving vehicle do you think they should serve time in jail?


Catalysto: July 27, 2011 4:33 p.m.

Judging by the hispanic name of this offender it's a 50/50 chance that he's an illegal alien. Let him be deported as soon as possible! The punishment for this kind of outragious cruelty should be public flogging. I'll take the dog.

rozemist rozemist: July 28, 2011 1:27 a.m.

I absolutely feel animal abuse is a "Crime" ,and deserves time spend in jail,I feel animal abuse masks other serious problems mental disorders with these individuals.Let's not forget that most serial killers were at a point in their lives animal abusers most often.Will every animal abuser turn into a serial killer,maybe not,but I think animal abuse and human abuse go hand and hand.Why is it that the abuse in animals should be treated so lightly.
I don't think that Judges take animal abuse as seriously,because its dealing with a "animal"the laws that are now on the books do not really take sympathy with animal abuse.
Animals and Humans are not the same,ok I understand,but animals are living,breathing,feeling creatures they feel pain,they feel loneliness,they feel love,why then should abusers Not be sentenced to Jail?
I'm not talking a minimum sentence,I'm talking a felony conviction with serious jail time (not time like Vick spent,that was a farce)he spent years committing atrocity's on animals and he got 21 months in jail,and 2 months home confinement,(I hear he wants to get a pet )then for the rest of their lives they can "never" own another animal of any kind.Anyone who can torture,mutilate,beat,hang,toss out onto a road to be run over by oncoming traffic ,and any other sick thing that comes to their minds should be locked up.Normal human beings do not do this ,this is saying there's something very wrong.
Animals deserve our protection,right now the Law is not doing enough of that.
Change the animal abuse Laws!

Eugenie55: July 28, 2011 5:01 a.m.

I too feel laws need to be changed to further protect animals. Those who abuse animals should pay with jail sentences that are commensurate with the crime. The guy in today's news that threw his little dog out the window is definitely a neanderthal or sub-human low life. He is likely a mental case and capable of doing harm and serious injury to others. His kind has no place in society. Thankfully, the little doggie is okay and no doubt will be adopted by someone who will love and care for him/her and in return be loved unconditionally.

Vrad766: July 30, 2011 4:36 a.m.

Wow, how very ignorant you are for saying there is a 50/50 chance he is an illegal alien. For all you know he could be a Good Ol' Boy with hispanic parents. This man is no doubt a low life, but how dare you bunch up hispanics/latinos as 50/50 illegal immigrants.
Hope someone gives this little dog a good home, one that will actually care and love him. Give this man some time in a cell.

mantecajoe: August 1, 2011 2:16 p.m.

ok? Catalysto, the name is a 50/50? Sure. And just what it your name? I'll tell you what it means.
You can never judge a person by their name. But you CAN by their actions. However, I don't think people should get jail time for this, there are far worse crimes being commited. Why fill up our cells and waste our tax dollars on these degenerates?
Fine him up the wazoo and send him on his way. This is different from TORTURE. For that, I say, lock him up. But for this I believe a hefty fine should suffice.

Vrad766: August 2, 2011 3:06 a.m.


You make a good point about not adding to the already crowded jails. All crimes are not and should not be weighed the same. A nice hefty fine ought to change his mind next time he thinks of throwing a dog out of a moving vehicle.

tommy1880: August 14, 2011 3:56 a.m.

Anyone who would throw a innocent animal out of a car window is a sick little coward, and has no regard for life. I would not want someone with anger issues like that, around children.

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