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Do you agree with Manteca’s policy of seizing Toters of those who fail to follow the rules?


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rozemist rozemist: February 1, 2012 7:48 a.m.

I understand that this is suppose to be a wake up call to those who abuse the toter's ,putting trash where trash doesn't belong.
But once you put your toter's out on the street just what do you do when other neighbors are throwing garbage into your green or blue bins because they have filled their garbage bins beyond capacity and decide to use someone Else's?
I have no control over that,yet it is highly possible that in the future people can lose their totes due to irresponsible neighbors.
In my neighborhood I know who does this type of thing,but you tell the City and they want "proof" so what kind of proof,are we suppose to lurk around at night to catch them somehow on camera,this is ridiculous because the people do it very late,after people have gone usually to bed they sneak out and do this.
I have had to take to putting my bins out just before 5am because of people using my blue and green bins for garbage,yet even then someone has managed to go out at that time and use my bins.
I try to keep an eye out on it,but I can't watch every minute there on the street I'm way in back down a driveway out of eye view of them.
I suspect that many people may lose their bins not due to what they do,but what their neighbors do ,so unless the City can figure out this problem,I'm not in agreement with it.
If I lose my bins due to the actions of others I'm not going to be happy about it at all.

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