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Worst earthquake since Loma Prieta shakes Napa Valley

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Worst earthquake since Loma Prieta shakes Napa Valley

A Napa firefighter inspects one of four mobile homes that were destroyed in a gas fire Sunday at the Napa Valley Mobile Home Park.

AP Photo/Ben Margot/

POSTED August 24, 2014 2:01 p.m.


The Napa Valley area is under a state of emergency following a magnitude 6.0 earthquake that struck between Napa and American Canyon at 3:20 a.m. today. This was the largest earthquake in the Bay Area since the magnitude 6.9 Loma Prieta earthquake in 1989, almost 25 years ago.


The 6.0 magnitude quake was followed by a 3.6 magnitude aftershock at 5:47 a.m.


The earthquakes and resulting damage prompted Gov. Jerry Brown to  declare a state of emergency for Napa, Solano and Sonoma counties.


"There's collapses, fires," said Napa Fire Capt. Doug Bridewell, standing in front of large pieces of masonry that broke loose from a turn of the century office building where a fire had just been extinguished. "That's the worst shaking I've ever been in."


Three major injuries have been reported and 87 people treated at Queen of the Valley Hospital as of 11 a.m. today, according to the City of Napa.


The earthquakes caused some major structural damage in the area including four mobile homes destroyed and three residential fires.  The Napa County Fire Department has responded to dozens earthquake related incidents and has received 10 additional CAL FIRE engines to assist with earthquake and aftershock related calls.


Three historic buildings were also damaged, along with other downtown Napa properties.


The City of Napa is also reporting approximately 60 water main leaks, but both the city's water treatment plants are running and water remains safe to drink. However, some residents are without access to water due to main breaks and no or low pressure.


PG&E has reported that 29,000 customers have experienced power outages in Napa County and crews are responding to approximately 50 reported gas leaks.


College student Eduardo Rivera, 20, told the Associated Press that the home he shares with six relatives shook so violently that he kept getting knocked back into his bed as he tried to flee.


"When I woke up, my mom was screaming, and the sound from the earthquake was greater than my mom's screams," Rivera said.


Napa Valley residents and visitors are encouraged to stay off the roads and utilize phones for emergency purposes only.  Use of 911 and local emergency rooms should be restricted to life threatening emergencies only.  The American Red Cross has set up a shelter at the Crosswalk Community Church in downtown Napa.


The earthquake happened within a 70-km-wide (44 miles) set of major faults of the San Andreas Fault system that forms the boundary between the Pacific and North American tectonic plates near the north shore of San Pablo Bay. The bayshore areas in the San Francisco Bay region are underlain by landfill and bay mud and have experienced disproportionately greater damage during historic earthquakes. Such damage is caused by soil failure in the fills and amplification of ground shaking by the soft bay mud.


At this time, the United States Geological Survey is estimating the probability of a strong and possibly damaging aftershock — magnitude 5 and larger — in the next 7 days at approximately 45 percent. In addition, approximately 25 to 60 small aftershocks — magnitude 3 to 5 — are expected in the same 7-day period and may be felt locally.


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fjar: 1 month, 4 weeks ago

Steve DeBrum is upset because the council made an important monetary vote in his absence from the council meeting.Don't tell the people DeBrum, that you didn't know how this council was going to vote.A monetary decision that important, was definitely discussed prior to any meeting.
The old closed door procedure is where this decision was made.

It appears that DeBrum and Hernandez didn't expect this decision was going to draw as much fire as it did.DeBrum voted heavily in favor of Developers in the past,he voted to delay assessments on new homes till they were sold.

Hernandez knows the vote he made has placed him in a bad light for reelection, so he is willing to listen to another politician to get him out of political jeopardy in voting for a give-back in bonus bucks. It's ironic how much this council protects developers profits, while jeopardizing this cities income, on a constant basis.

Willie Weatherford and John Harris
could care less about voting to forgo income for this city, for they are retiring. Believe me, DeBrum and Hernandez and this council works exclusively for Special Interest. We don't need more homes in this city, we need a moratorium on building, to conserve on water in this on-going drought.We need a council that doesn't sell it's services for campaign donations.

I would like to know how much further they will go, in draining this cities assets, to base Wolf in Manteca.It stands to reason, if you make concessions to Developers that effects our income in this city, then should this council commit to the expense of infrastructure to base Wolf in Manteca.

It appears they are making these concessions to create a need for raising our taxes.

fjar: 1 month, 4 weeks ago

A lady wrote in protest to this councils decision to fore-go bonus bucks.She stopped short of naming Vince Hernandez and Steve Debrum who constantly make decisions that benefits developers. They are well taken care of by huge donations from Developers and private concerns, who have donated thousands to these two, for reelection support.These two uses the excuse, that if they don't continue building, developers will build in another city.

Due to severe drought conditions we shouldn't be building more homes anyway.
In the past three years, three important decisions were made to drain this city of support and jeopardizing our water table. A few years back, this council voted on delaying new home assessment fees till the homes were sold. Now they vote to eliminate bonus bucks for a period. Then they voted to continue building homes while residents are under a strict water rationing plan.Steve Debrum and Vince work exclusively for Special Interest, that keeps the money flowing in their election campaign fund.All three of the items I mentioned, is proof of who these two work for.It is proof that this giveback by the council, is not in the best interest of this city.

Developers definitely call the shots in this city and that's because of the huge donations they give to this council.The old saying, I owe my soul to the company store, certainly applies to most of this council.These monetary decisions that go against this council is a bad position to put this city in. This council doesn't hesitate to spend more than it takes in. Proof of this is in the unprecedented string of deficits this city has had to bridge. To fix these spending deficits they laid off police officers and city workers and visited the workers three consecutive times for wage cuts. They even used RDA to help bridge their deficits.
We need to jack up this council and run a new one under it.

What we need in this city is, for people to get off their damn butts and vote these Special interest council people out. People would scream loud and clear if they didn't have this right, yet they don't even bother to use it. When this council floats another tax on this community to cover the givebacks they just gave developers, then you will wish you voted for someone who isn't on the Special Interest Support program.

Developers don't care about this city, as long as they can build more homes. So they donate huge sums to bring the council under their control.Recent give-backs is proof this council works exclusively for Special interest. A lot of people are mad about these Give-Backs. but the question is, are they mad enough to show up and vote these employees of Special Interest out.That remains to be seen.

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