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Peace protests, R.I.P.

Where are the peaceniks? Why aren’t they marching on Capitol Hill to protest President Barack Obama’s use of military force in Syria and Iraq? The San Francisco Chronicle’s Kevin Fagan interviewed peace activists who told him that their ranks are numb, in part because America has been at war for more than a decade. Some even wonder whether the Islamic State is so barbaric as to merit airstrikes.

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The media: People who live in glass houses

“I see the media is at it again,” an acquaintance said referring to the deluge of coverage after the Ray Rice assault on his wife.  True, a ton of coverage on what became a national, if not international story.

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Posted: sep. 25, 2014 12:53 a.m. | | The media: People who live in glass houses Comments 0 Comments

Enough is enough: Time for corporations to share

For those of you who read my last column and thought I had crossed over to the dark side, this one should tilt the world back on its proper axis.

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Crush grapes, not vintners

“You’ll never meet anyone who says, ‘I want to be a millionaire. I think I’ll start a winery,’” owner Bill Smyth tells me from his small office over the tasting room of Westover Vineyards, nestled in Palomares Canyon. Smyth has worked in a number of fields. He made some money. He bought the vineyard property when he was young. His ex-wife bought him a kit to make wine, and his labor of love turned into a small business.

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Keep the no-ransom policy

The video of a Syrian captor beheading American freelance journalist James Foley “has done more damage than any ransom ever could,” former Iranian hostage Sarah Shourd warned on CNN recently. Foley’s parents have been vocal about their frustration in knowing that their son remained a hostage as France and other European countries paid a reported average of $3 million-plus to free their citizens. The family wants to establish an organization to provide information to other families, presumably to get around a no-ransom policy.

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NFL uses NOW’s playbook

When NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell handed down a mere a two-game suspension for domestic violence, he took his cue from some of the very same women’s groups now calling for his head.

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Posted: sep. 19, 2014 12:45 a.m. | | NFL uses NOW’s playbook Comments 0 Comments

SF feminism: Abort girls

Supervisor David Chiu wants San Francisco to become the first American city to oppose any ban on sex-selective abortions. It apparently has not occurred to him why no other city has chosen to do so.

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Looking ‘soft’ on campus rape

In its wisdom (such as it is), the California Legislature passed a measure that would change the standard of sexual consent on the state’s college campuses. Gov. Jerry Brown should veto this bill. If the University of California and other institutions that receive state-funded student aid want to demonstrate they have “no tolerance for any form of sexual violence” when students report rape as state Sen. Kevin de Leon has argued, then they should call the cops, not academic panels.

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About those LA bums

The bums they were. The L.A. bums they are. 

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9-11: Thirteen years later

It seems like yesterday. And yet, so much was different.

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America’s ‘Forever War’

The strategy that President Obama laid out Wednesday night to “degrade and ultimately destroy the terrorist group known as ISIL,” is incoherent, inconsistent and, ultimately, non-credible.

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Posted: sep. 12, 2014 1:17 a.m. | | America’s ‘Forever War’ Comments 0 Comments

The class war goes retail

For the first time since 1997, the U.S. economy just added at least 200,000 jobs per month for six months running. GDP grew at a 4 percent annual clip between April and June. The percentage of Americans who describe the economy as “good” has climbed to the highest level of President Barack Obama’s presidency.

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Posted: sep. 09, 2014 5:31 a.m. | | The class war goes retail Comments 0 Comments

War drums along the Potomac

By releasing the grisly videos of the beheadings of American journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff, ISIS has altered the political landscape here and across the Middle East. 

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Why has there been no media interest in the police shooting of an apparently unarmed suspect in Salt Lake City?

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Upright & locked position

On Aug. 24, United Airlines diverted a Newark-to-Denver flight to Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport after two passengers got into an argument. It started when a 47-year-old man used a device called the Knee Defender to prevent the 48-year-old woman in front of him from reclining her seat.

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