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The Art of the Sneak Out

I come from a long line of people good at sneaking out of parties. My grandfather Jack Cunningham was considered by many to be the Michelangelo of the Party Sneak Out. I’m pretty sure I once witnessed my brother Richie completely vaporize from a hallway at my Aunt Carol’s house – only to reappear on his couch at home to catch the start of the 11 p.m. SportsCenter.

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Lent is here...

Ash Wednesday has passed, and Lent has arrived. The religious custom of Lent for Christians, is one that involves a 40 day period of prayer, penance, repentance, and atonement, in preparation for Easter Sunday. As a good Catholic boy, I will try my best to observe this period by cutting several things out of my life but some things – things that should probably cut out, and not just during Lent – shall continue. Here is a quick list of these:

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Free Valentine’s Day advice

Valentine’s Day is here once again, waving its finger in everyone’s face. Commercial on top of commercial make one thing clear – here is what Love requires and here is where you can buy it. 

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It’s gambling time

Sunday is the Super Bowl. That means only one thing for this pigskin lover: The Year of 2015 can officially begin. I don’t turn my calendar until sports’ version of “The Big One” is complete. 

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Now playing . . .

I went to the movies twice this week – and watched the same movie.

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Some random thoughts...

Ladies, if you take the time to dress your cat or dog in little costumes, this is why you are single…

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Tattoo or not to Tattoo...

Is there anybody under the age of 25 that doesn’t have a tattoo? It has become the guy’s earring of this era with just one difference – you can’t take it out. I know my indifference towards the current trend of arm sleeves and neck tats is a bit short sided, considering the fact that I have tattoos.

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