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For the love of the column

Happy 26th column everyone! That may seem like an arbitrary number to celebrate, but it means I’m halfway through. No, this column hasn’t been some court-mandated punishment handed down for years of bad behavior on the mean streets of Manteca. It means my goal of doing this for a year is halfway complete. I don’t often set goals for myself, or as I call it “Life Pacing,” but I’m finding there have been many ancillary benefits to striving for these things people call goals.

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Posted: jul. 24, 2014 12:48 a.m. | | For the love of the column Comments 0 Comments

It’s those dang tweakers

Monday morning I stopped by my mother’s house while she was on vacation. She had asked that I’d water the lawn while she is gone. I remembered seeing a box of brown sugar cinnamon Pop Tarts there the week before – so I was more than happy to help out.

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Think you can do stand-up?

There is nothing I enjoy more than hearing from a friend or acquaintance that they want to give stand-up comedy a try. I usually recommend they walk outside in the morning to get the paper in their underwear; it’s basically the same, especially if you decide to get the entire block’s paper for them.

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It’s Festa time

This weekend marks the 95th annual MRPS Hall Celebration of the Holy Ghost – better known as Festa. The Portuguese people have left an indelible mark on California as far back as 1542. That’s when Portuguese explorer Joao Cabrilho became the first European to set foot in our great state when his ship landed in San Diego Bay. 

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Posted: jun. 26, 2014 12:24 a.m. | | It’s Festa time Comments 0 Comments

No fair, no problem

The powers that be decided that it was no longer necessary to hold the San Joaquin County Fair this summer. That’s when the real powers that be — parents, friends, families, and farmers of agriculture – stepped up and said “Sorry, not on our watch” and the 2014 San Joaquin AgFest was born. A free five-day celebration of youth agriculturalists in San Joaquin County, featuring traditional livestock competition and more is currently underway. It’s the Fair, without all the fanfare, such as carnival rides and horse races but with its most important aspect, agriculture, intact. Make no bones about it ...

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The Manteca (Un)Happy Meal

A new McDonald’s is opening at the corner of Yosemite and Commerce. I made the mistake of asking people how they felt about this occurrence, and did I ever open a Pandora’s Box of McQuestions with a side of anger.

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Posted: jun. 12, 2014 1:12 a.m. | | The Manteca (Un)Happy Meal Comments 0 Comments

Where’s my generation?

Another crop of Buffaloes, Lancers and Timberwolves has been boxed up and shipped out to the world. It got me thinking about the generations of families that have passed through these schools. Manteca High was founded in 1920, while “The Other School” arrived in 1966, splitting the town and breaking the lineage of many Buffalo bloodlines. Then the new kid on the block, Sierra, showed itself in 1994, further splintering family alumni legacies. I was interested in finding some of these legacies – a fourth generation Buffalo or a third generation Lancer. I kicked the tires on the possibility of there ...

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Posted: jun. 05, 2014 1:28 a.m. | | Where’s my generation? Comments 0 Comments

The Great Graduation Confrontation

It’s the last week of school for the town’s senior classes. Finals, Disneyland, Senior Fun Days, and Grad Night mark the end of their journeys through high school. Tying off all the loose ends and saying goodbye to faculty and friends. 

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Posted: may. 29, 2014 2:06 a.m. | | The Great Graduation Confrontation Comments 0 Comments

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