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How do poor children travel 1,200 miles?

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POSTED July 25, 2014 12:26 a.m.

Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

With all the recent news regarding the heavy influx of Central American and Mexican “children” illegally entering the U.S., one might question the wonder of it all.  

One might wonder how all of these poor, un-educated “children” and their families managed to scrape up the thousands of Pesos needed for such a trip, i.e. to pay the Coyote, food, water, medicines etc. needed for such a hazardous journey of 1,200 miles or more. 

One might also wonder how these “children” managed to find their way from their villages to Texas without help of sorts.  I mean, folks, send your kid to the local 7-Eleven for milk and listen to the screams, huh? — but little Carlos and Juanita are expected to travel 1,200 miles, without family support, to find a border to cross, all by themselves?  

In the company of what authorities are discovering major gang members of the notorious MS13? 

Traveling on a train system owned by an American company, the Kansas City Southern Rail Network?

Huh?  Do you think maybe, just maybe, the truth of all of this happening isn’t being told to us?  Do you think that maybe, faced with Congress not passing a Immigration Reform Bill, the Pretend POTUS in the Peoples House and his leftist cronies, are not telling us everything about this and hatched up this scheme?  

Could these “children” have been transported, fed, clothed, all on the American dime and the major media networks are not able to “see” it?  Huh?  

One could also question the millions of taxpayer dollars needed for such a scheme and the subsequent billions that will be needed to house, feed, cloth, medicate, teach (and yes, incarcerate) these so called Dream Land children.

I’ll bet this wasn’t the Hope and Change most folks voted for.

Al Barth


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LarryBaca: 1 month, 2 weeks ago

Cat got your tongue there Albert?

LarryBaca: 1 month, 2 weeks ago

Oh, gee, and I so wanted your respect...
Can you even tell me how you come to the conclusion that President Obama is not real?
"Untrained, uneducated, bla bla bla" takes time to educate and train a 6 year old there Albert, look at you, still standing in line.... :-)

twodogss: 1 month, 2 weeks ago

Al, congratulations

gee you knew my name there, ?, again you attack the messenger not the message.

My God, Larry, we are being over run daily by untrained, uneducated, medically UNCHECKED and you bust my chops because I hide behind my twodogss vs. Al Barth? and I don't "respect" the pretend potus? He would out of office in any other country by now, but not here, yet. I respect everyone until they show me different, even you had my respect, once, for speaking out, but, very little remains now, of that respect, as you and your lot have shown they want to destroy America and they are doing it.

Come on, Larry Baca, even you can't be so faithful to the pretend potus to allow your mind to accept this invasion?
If so, you are more pitiful than I believe

LarryBaca: 1 month, 3 weeks ago

dogs, by name call, you mean like "Pretend POTUS"?
By the way, didn't you two read the piece from Dennis about not using your real names? You scared of something?

twodogss: 1 month, 3 weeks ago

Larry, as usual, you spiff around the subject matter by rapping the writer's "problems" not the core of the problem.

Straight from the leftist playbook ...if you can't argue the point, name call.

LibertyFinder: 1 month, 3 weeks ago

Baca Burger,
If you are looking for intelligence by scratching your head, you will be scratching for a long time. Perhaps you have been scratching the wrong head.

LarryBaca: 1 month, 3 weeks ago

Here is the reply I sent in, give you a little extra time to respond, try using actual facts this time:

Sometimes I just have to scratch my head in bewilderment at the mindset of some people. I have to write it off as just some people being severely UN-informed, but still, ignorance is no excuse. I am of course referring to today's Your Views letter (How do poor children travel 1,200 miles?).
The writer ironically refers to the "UN-educated children" entering the U.S. illegally then promptly shows his obvious lack of education in understanding the entire situation. I have to assume a lack of education since I cannot believe anyone could be so bigoted and uncaring as the writer so proudly displays in his almost, every written word. From his apparent disbelief that anyone (Read, "Brown Person) could manage to find a way to get to the U.S border from their respective homeland, to his ridiculous claim that it had to be President Obama's idea and "Scheme" with every expense covered on American tax payers dime, all done without anyone's knowledge. "Billions of dollars" spent in the process, the writer claims. All by a "Pretend POTUS", the writer claims.
Excuse me sir, you may want to pull up those pants, your apparent bigotry is showing.

twodogss: 1 month, 3 weeks ago

Well Larry, I wondered how you would respond and if it would be even a smidgen of intelligent comment, and you didn't disappoint me. I'm a bigot because I QUESTION the way things are done? I'm a bigot because I question what "right" this invading hoard of un-educated, medically untreated, un-skilled and poor has to be here?

Ahh Larry, you can do better than that. You've proved, over time, that you have a caustic wit, biting tongue and incredible love for the Socialist Party by being one of their top spokespersons, usually referred to as useful idiots by the Party in Russia, and you call me a bigot?

Larry, in the Bulletin and other media outlets, the almost daily crying, complaints, hair pulling, chest beating of what to do with AMERICA'S OWN HOMELESS, POOR, ILL (AND VETERANS seeking assistance) and we "allow" the illegal invasion of over 100K of above mentioned "children" to be supported by us and we cannot take care of our own poor, hungry, unemployed, uninsured, uneducated CITIZENS! just to get more names on the Democrat ballots (I guess they've ran out of dead people to use every year) and I'm a bigot?
You really are living up to your status, a useful idiot.

LarryBaca: 1 month, 3 weeks ago

Al, congratulations, you are a true bigot, through and through. And not a very intelligent one at that...

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