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No streets running with blood

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POSTED February 15, 2014 12:59 a.m.

Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Jason Campbell’s article in Friday’s Bulletin, “Court ruling shoots down ‘good cause’ for concealed guns” in which he writes, quote: “A federal appeals court known for its liberal-leanings struck down a mandate on Thursday that could make it easier for California residents to obtain concealed weapons permits”, will bring the namby-pamby leftist out in droves, wailing and breast beating.

Imagine, citizens actually ‘‘allowed” to carry concealed firearms, in California, no less? What will happen to us, they wail? The streets will run red with blood as the crazed citizens start drawing their concealed guns and killing people at random .... oh woe is us .... oh, wait, that already is happening in all of our major (and minor) cities throughout this state. Except, of course, it’s the bad guys carrying and using those guns on whoever they wish too, and their victims have long been unable to legally protect themselves as many others in a whole lot of other states outside of California.

Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma, and on and on, state after state “allowing” their law abiding citizens to carry concealed (and openly in some states) firearms to protect themselves. Oh, and guess what? No rivers of blood! Huh? Who would have thought it? Citizens actually are actually able to obtain, train, carry and protect themselves time after time with an evil gun......... oh horrors.

California has many millions of citizens who wish to carry a firearm concealed, male and female, and have forever, but, the policy of may issue vs. shall issue, has forced them to be unarmed sheep amongst the predators that thrive here. What an untapped influx of cash to the state/cities that can be. Several million will apply immediately, spending upwards of a hundred dollars for the paperwork and back grounding etc., what a gold mine that will be for the state. Jobs will be made available for the sales, training, paperwork etc. all associated to the process.

Self defense is a God given right and the use of any tool to assist that right, including firearms, should not be in the hands of an elected official or party. Citizen applies, pays their fees, background can be done like many other states (gosh, California could even ask the other guys how they do it, to make it easier) and if cleared, receive the state’s blessing in the form of a carry permit.

Three states don’t even issue a permit but allow their citizens the right to carry without government interference if you can believe that? really! And no streets running red with blood.

Give it a chance, you’ll be surprised.

Al Barth


Feb. 14, 2014

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crimeriddendump: 1 month, 3 weeks ago

We can see typical TeaParty FoxNews disciple behavior here: recite opinions of talking heads, declare them as absolute fact and ignore and real evidence to the contrary.

Florida has MORE gun violence now that it has 1) more guns and 2) the least restrictive concealed carry laws in the country. It is a glaring fact that completely contradicts the unsubstantiated claims made by Mr. Barth here.

crimeriddendump: 1 month, 4 weeks ago

Hello twodogss,

Are you suggesting that the OPINION of the NRA has more weight than the scientific study conducted by Yale University? Do you have any contrary evidence to support yours and the NRA's opinions in light of this scientific article by Yale?

Further, you seem to ignore the FLORIDA evidence I posted. The article is called "As firearm ownership rises, Florida gun murders increase" ( and it directly contradicts your whole second and third paragraphs. I will QUOTE the article below:

"Murders by firearms have increased dramatically in the state since 2000 ... Gun murders have since climbed 38 percent"

"January to June [2013], there were 479 murders in Florida — 358 of them committed with a gun. That’s an 8 percent increase in gun murders compared to the same period in 2011."

Source of data: Florida Department of Law Enforcement

The NRA is LYING to you twodogss. Open your eyes and look at the evidence yourself instead of having the NRA spoon feed misinformation to you.

Oh, and as an FYI twodogss, these are ACTUAL statistics that I have considered very closely. Now, it's your turn.

twodogss: 1 month, 4 weeks ago

First of all, let me say, I am also a military vet, a life NRA member, firearm owner since 1950, 70 of my 73 years in CA. and of those, 25 years in the Bay Area, 25 yrs here in Manteca (yes, I am a BAT)and a bit knowledgeable of our State and region. Due to my life's employments/hobbies, I am also knowledgeable of firearms/laws and the fallacy of the "state" being able to protect the citizens. So, we will never be in agreement about concealed carry any more than we would be about our politics.

The National Rifle Association says that, by its definition, there are now 41 states that have “right-to-carry” laws. “Since 1991, when violent crime peaked in the U.S., 24 states have adopted ‘shall issue’ laws, replacing laws that prohibited carrying or that issued carry permits on a very restrictive basis; many other federal, state, and local gun control laws have been eliminated or made less restrictive; and the number of privately-owned guns has risen by about 100 million,” the organization says on its Web site.

And as a FYI, you might wish to consider the crime stats in those counties/area's of our State where the LEO's that believe in their citizens right to self defense and have issued carry permits. No shoot outs in the street, just RESPONSIBLE citizens going about their business carrying concealed for their protection. Who knows, maybe one is sitting next to you in the local eatery?

LarryBaca: 1 month, 4 weeks ago

2dogs, ".. be thankful you are living in a more or less civilized century" if this is true then why do you want to revert back to another?
I am not anti-gun as you may think, I probably have more guns than you, been using them longer than you and including Military time, used them more than you.
But I keep them in the house and, like CRD, have no reason to strap one on just to go shopping.
I have to admit when I first moved out here, I carried one every time we went to SF or Oakland or almost anywhere. But I was not long removed from the Military and the paranoia was still there. It took awhile to get normal but I did.
As for living in the old west (or here and now) and protecting myself from Jesse and his bunch, I don't lose any sleep over that.

crimeriddendump: 1 month, 4 weeks ago

Hello twodogs,

First, YALE published a scientific study regarding the hypothesis that more guns result in less crime ( in 2003. The result was that is flawed logic and more guns directly correlates to more gun violence.

Second, Florida. Florida has had a rash of race related gun violence over petty and avoidable altercations. These incidents would not have resulted in homicide without the absurd Florida gun laws. The Public Policy Institute recently published the study "As firearm ownership rises, Florida gun murders increase" ( This more or less directly contradicts you claim that "there is no evidence of increased violence done by concealed firearm carrying citizens in other states."

It is true, I call the Central Valley a "crime ridden dump." However, I am not paranoid as I don't feel the "BG" as you call them are out to get me. I am confident and secure without needing a gun strapped to my thigh just to go to the grocery store. I am also not delusional as I don't have any Wild West shoot'em up fantasies. Further, I KNOW that handguns are inaccurate and just as high a probability of causing collateral damage as they do stoping the intended target. This inaccuracy is multiplied by an untrained shooter and by stressful situations.

The Second Amendment to the Constitution begins and ends in the home. The first clause of the Second Amendment is "A well regulated militia." A concealed weapon free-for-all is not a militia and hardly a well regulated one.

If you feel you need a handgun to feel safe on trips outside your home, perhaps you should really look the root of your fear. Heck, perhaps even petition Manteca for more Police. You know, the people who's JOB it is to keep you safe ...

twodogss: 1 month, 4 weeks ago

I am not posting to argue, I post my comments, like you, as an expression of my thoughts.

Statistics are there to read, crimes against the person in armed states, are lower than those states that persist in denying the citizen the right to firearms for protection outside their domicile.

As to concealed, carrying openly may cause incidents with people such as yourself, and its proven, when the BG doesn't know who's armed, it IS a safer society.

Mr. Baca, be thankful you are living in a more or less civilized century, as the way you sling your words at others, you would be mighty tired, "partner", defending yourself with (or without, in your case) weapons, in the "olden" days.

LarryBaca: 1 month, 4 weeks ago

So if it is ok for anyone to carry "concealed" weapons...
"... the BG's will not know who's armed and who's helpless prey."
How will they know that? It's CONCEALED!!
How about we just all get strapped like in Bonanza or Big Valley? Then everyone will know you are armed and even know how big your gun is... That's the real reason for it being concealed, right? So everyone just THINKS you have a big gun...
Ok, lets all mosey on down to the Silver Slipper, listen to Kate sing, pull back the tables and commence to square dance while we drink some warm beer then step out into the dusty street and see who can pull his gun out the fastest... Remember, if you have a big gun, you will probably be somewhat slower, right?
I don't know abut you but I always thought we should act and dress in a way that demonstrates the century we currently live in...well maybe we do know about you... :-)

twodogss: 2 months ago

paranoid delusional ?crimeriddendump I write a letter encouraging the right to private citizen concealed carry like so many other states have, and you call me paranoid delusional? You know nothing about me, yet you feel free to label me paranoid delusional.
With comments like that, one should look in ones mirror to see paranoid delusional before calling others that.
With a moniker like crime ridden dump, whew, one would think you would want the protection of being armed when you leave your home, but, I guess you'd rather make snide remarks than realize that the BG's will not know who's armed and who's helpless prey. Since there is no evidence of increased violence done by concealed firearm carrying citizens in other states, I guess you are either afraid of firearms and/or advocate increased gun control measures and believe only the police and govt. should carry firearms, huh? Sad, but then, so were your comments.

crimeriddendump: 2 months ago

Sad that paranoid delusional is an acceptable reason to carry a weapon. Perhaps people like Al would be better off discussing their insecurities with a therapist rather than arming themselves to the teeth just to walk outside?

crimeriddendump: 2 months ago

"Self defense is a God given right"

Right, I clearly remember Jesus saying in Matthew 5:39 "But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him and shoot him in the FACE!!"

Right Al????

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