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Sisters open exclusive bra shop in downtown
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It’s all about the most comfortable fit “All About the Girls” bra shop owners say in downtown Ripon where their custom foundation accessories come with a personal fit appointment, according to owners Juli Hamilton and Kelly Reaveley. - photo by GLENN KAHL

RIPON — Two sisters have opened what they describe as an “exclusive bra shop” in downtown Ripon with lingerie they say can’t be found elsewhere in the immediate Central Valley.

Juli Hamilton and Kelly Reaveley, both of Ripon, say their customers have compared the new facility “All About the Girls” to studios in larger cities.

“We try to focus on customer service and working one-on-one with our customers,” Kelly said.  “Most of the time one of us is in the fitting room with them.  We help them and we find the products for them.  We don’t expect our customers to dig through and find their own products.”

She told of two ladies coming into the shop asking what size they would select if the sisters weren’t there to serve them.  She remembered one saying she needed a size – a 38 C measurement – with her acknowledging that as a starting point.

“I’m looking at her thinking; I don’t think so, selecting some other sizes I thought would be closer, because I wanted her to see what she would have grabbed.  She left in a 36-E,” Hamilton said.  

She said when a woman goes into a large department store she doesn’t really know what style or cut will work best for her.   The All About Girls store carries the “most diversified” line in their products including everything from the most intimate apparel to every day bras, sports bras, a little bit of lingerie, and pajamas.

The sisters explained they stock bras  from sizes double-A – which is very hard for women to find – a 32 double-A all the way up to an N, saying they received 200 pieces in a shipment just that day for a total of about 1,000 in stock.

They also pride themselves in carrying Opra’s favorite bra,  highlighting  all the research the Opra team has done to find the near perfect foundation support for her and other women throughout the world.  

“For Opra to put her seal of approval on something means a lot,” Kelly said.

“What says more than Opra is that all of our customers are loving it,” her sister chimed into the conversation.

As for their sports bra, Juli added, it is the only sports bra that a woman can actually wear all day and it thoroughly gives support and it’s not just one big glove.  

Juli said they can be compared to Intimacy located in all the major cities such as Chicago, San Diego, and L.A.

Some bras run as high as $110

“When I went in the store in San Diego the cheapest bra they offered me – after I had to wait two hours to be fitted – would have been $250,” she added.

The price range for a bra in the Ripon store begins at about $40 to a tops of $80 with a few as high as $110, they said.

Before entering the retail business, that has included home bra parties and private home fittings, Juli and Kelley were also involved outside their family routines.  

Juli did message therapy and postural therapy and holistic healing.  Kelly has owned her own business in the past in sales and marketing and has done a lot of research in women’s health issues related to hormonal changes.  

“So in a lot of the products I shop for, I’m looking for materials that are going to make women happy – and women reading the article will know what I mean,” she laughed.

Plan to add custom fit swim wear

Juli added that they plan to custom fit swim suits this summer – getting those in within a few weeks.  They say they will include the Spanx brand that they say is a very popular shape wear and is a household name to women.

“We can do the bottoms and the tops in different sizings, so we can help ladies get into the right fit – along with a push up bikini,” Juli said.

They also do teen fittings that they feel takes some of the burden off the mother for what is not an easy chore.  Mom and daughter usually never agree on the bra, the fit or the style, the sisters agreed.  

The women are also excited about the JJJ line of pajamas that they are presenting in their downtown studio.  “The material is so soft and they have all the spring designs,” they said.  “These are just a little bit of a higher quality fabric, but they are at a lower price point,” Jill noted, adding “it’s the best of both worlds.”

They noted they sold all of the pajamas the day they took them out of the box indicative of how much women like that style of jamies.

In addition to home bra parties, they do what they call “a bra revolution” for church groups interested in finding better support wear.  They said they also host parties in the shop after hours on work nights.

The new store also prides itself in working with plastic surgeons – that’s how they began to branch out – carrying bras that are designed 100 percent for use after augmentation.  

“A lot of people who have their breasts done have a big problem finding bras.  So, if you have a false illusion that you don’t need a bra, that’s not true,” she said.  The sisters give a portion of their profits back to breast cancer research on the specialty bars.

Those spending over $100 are given a 50 percent discount on a special perfume offered by the store.  

The All About the Girls shop is located at 111 East Main Street in Ripon.