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Delaying roof repairs can cause big problems, increase ultimate costs
Elite Roofing Owner Tim Morten shows some of the various choices that homeowners have today in roofing materials and colors. - photo by JASON CAMPBELL

Tim Morten has seen what happens when people put off repairing a roof.

And the results aren’t pretty.

Damaged drywall. Ruined carpets. Destroyed insulation. Even entire sections of the ceiling collapsing into inhabited space.

As the owner of Elite Roofing and a 15-year veteran of the business, Tim Morten has seen it all. And he wants people to know that it doesn’t have to get to that point, and that a little bit of preventative care can go a long way.

“A large part of our business is re-roofing and repairs to existing roofs,” Morten said. “But sometimes – like right now – we get people who call us out to do an inspection and we find out that it needs to be repaired, but they end up putting it off.

“The longer you wait, the more damage you can do, and the more expensive it will end up being in the long run.”

With the recent foreclosure crisis leaving many homes in Manteca unattended to for months – if not longer than a year – Morten says that some new owners might be inheriting the problems that the previous tenant didn’t want to take care of.

And by the time a leak is actually spotted, the damage is already done.

“A lot of the time when there’s a leak, going into the attic and the insulation first, and that takes time before it gets to the drywall,” Morten said. “There’s a lot to replace there, and it could have been prevented if somebody just called and asked for a free inspection and an estimate.”

Early warning signs include spotting curling shingles or finding granules or other material accumulating on the ground.

But with modern technology and advancements, homeowners are now furnished with roofing options that were never available when their home was constructed – ranging from energy efficient materials to unique colors.

Over the course of the last decade, Morten says that materials used in roofing practices have dramatically improved and now offer not only greater protection for customers, but can also save them money.

Those who opt for a “green” roof – which utilizes recycled materials to create an insulated surface combined with a reflective element to repel sunlight – can be eligible for not only a cash rebate from PG&E for installing the materials, but also see significant reductions in their overall energy bills because of the efficiency of the materials.

With the rainy season fast approaching, Morten stressed that contractors can still perform roof repairs and even complete total jobs during the winter months.

“You don’t have to wait until summer to get your roof fixed,” he said. “We’re pretty efficient when we get up there, and you might not like what you find by the time summer comes.”

Elite Roofing is located at 1274 Dupont Circle, and can be reached at 825-7663.

The company also maintains a web site – – that contains additional information and shows pictures of their previous work.