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Dodge Ram: Thinking out of the box
Don Romero of Cabral Chrysler Jeep Dodge Suzuki shows off a 2009 Dodge Ram – completely redesigned for the current year with a wide range of features. - photo by HIME ROMERO
From the ability to haul or tow anything you want to the rugged freedom of tackling the great outdoors, the pickup truck will always have its faithful followers.

And now Dodge is hoping to expand that base exponentially.

With the addition of new and innovative concepts that take the traditional truck concept and spins it completely sideways, the Dodge Ram – long one of the class leaders known for its longevity – is making inroads to buyers that might not traditionally be looking for a  pickup truck.

After all, not every truck has a place where you can store your tools and golf clubs while also holding your aluminum cans on ice.

“This RamBox is one of the newest things on the market, and it adds something new that people aren’t expecting to see,” said Cabral Chrysler Jeep Dodge Sales Associate Don Romero. “When you see how it’s lockable and how you can just wash it out with the drain plugs it has on the bottom, you can see why people like the concept of it.”

If the idea of an ice-chest built in to the bed of the truck isn’t enough to get somebody, the rear floorboard also flips up to offer the same thing – making the entire truck a virtual storage machine while still offering all of the range that made it popular to begin with.

The traditional fold-down armrest over the middle seat that Dodge has had in their Ram models for almost a decade now folds open the opposite direction as well to provide an under-seat compartment where you can hold everything from your laptop computer to your passenger’s purse.

Being outfitted with a 4.7-liter V8 engine and available shift-on-the-fly four-wheel drive capabilities, getting that truck to somewhere new or somewhere rugged – the primary reason most people would look for a pickup in the first place – almost seems secondary when lined up with the enormous list of new concepts that Dodge has included with their newest toy.

“There’s no doubt that it’s a popular truck, and with a lifetime warranty and everything else it comes equipped with it’ll only get even bigger as people realize what it has,” Romero said. “It’s long been one of the most popular trucks out there, and people who see the new one will see why.”

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