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From economy cars to muscle
The Special Edition Hertz Corvette is just one way to turn heads. - photo by Photo Contributed
STOCKTON – You’d be hard pressed to find a man who wouldn’t want to pull up to a stop sign in a Shelby Mustang or shiny Corvette.

And now that daydream can finally become a reality through Hertz Car Sales. They are offering their entire fleet from the most economical model to the muscle the everyman dreams of one day rolling down the road.

According to Stockton Hertz Car Sales General Sales Manager John Enea, if the car that the person is looking for isn’t on the lot – like, say, a Nissan 350Z – it will only take him a couple of phone calls and a few more days before the prospective buyer is behind the wheel for their first official test drive.

It’s one of the benefits of being the nation’s largest car rental company and having more than half-a-dozen other sales offices in your general vicinity that send over anything a customer may want.

“Right now our most popular models are the Ford Fusion, the Chevy Malibu and the Chevy HHR – the Heritage High Roof that’s modeled after the old Woody,” Enea said. “Our smaller cars are the most popular, but it isn’t just an entry-level market anymore – the age of those buyers really stretches across the board.”

One of the key features of the Ford Fusion is the SYNC program that allows drivers hands-free use of just about every technological feature on the car – from changing radio stations to eventually updating their Twitter account without ever taking their hands off of the wheel.
The stylish design and the fuel-efficiency also help it appeal to a wider range of buyers.

“For some people that system is a must-have, and some really aren’t even aware that it exists,” Enea said. “For the tech savvy drivers, it’s great feature to have.”

And then of course there’s the raw power that turns heads everywhere it goes.

While the Shelby Mustang designed especially for Hertz was sold out long ago, a yellow Corvette is still available for purchase through selected dealers – meaning that Enea is more than able to get his hands on one.

Despite the fact that the vehicles are used and are previous rentals, each model on the lot goes through a 72-point inspection after it has served its year in the fleet. Even the factory warranty is still valid on the vehicles.

“Every single one of these cars is certified and inspected and ready to meet the needs of our customers,” Enea said. “If they weren’t, they wouldn’t be on this lot – they’d be on their way to an auction.”

Hertz Car Sales Stockton is located at 3646 E. Telestar Place just before the Stockton Auto Mall. To get there from Manteca, take Highway 99 North to the Hammer Lane exit and head west. Make a left on Telestar Place just after The Home Depot and follow the road around the bend. The entrance is on your left. For more information, call 477-4112.