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Happy Holidays from Manteca Ford and Phil Waterford
Manteca Fords new renovations create a warm and comfortable atmosphere for customers. - photo by Photo Contributed

How Great We Have It

It’s that time of the year again, Thanksgiving, Christmas and the start of a new year. I would personally like to thank all of the fine customers that we have had the privilege of doing business with especially over this past year. These are still tough economic times for everyone and we thank you for your continued support. Waterford noted that because of the support of our community his North Main Street Ford dealership has been able to give back to the community in many different ways. From giving new cars to veterans and Good Samaritans, helping all of our high schools raise money for the associated student body to hosting his annual free Christmas Eve breakfast that feeds upon hundreds of residents every year. Waterford also wants to help raise awareness for breast cancer by providing better educational outreach to high-risk women. African Americans and Latinas are diagnosed at the same rate as Caucasian women, but have a 36% higher mortality rate. “My mother is a breast cancer survivor and I want to do everything that I possibly can to raise awareness and ultimately find a cure to this despicable disease.” The dealership is hosting a community charity sales event to support Susan G. Komen for the cure. Everyone who comes through the door and registers, Manteca Ford will donate $5 to the Susan G. Komen foundation. An additional $50 will be donated for every car sold during this event which ends December 6th. Members Only Automotive has identified Phil Waterford’s Manteca Ford & Exotic High Line as the spotlight dealer in the central valley for their philanthropy over the past few years. On Tuesday, December 6, the dealership will be holding a drawing for a big screen TV at 7 p.m. There is no purchase necessary, be there to congratulate Phil Waterford’s Manteca Ford & Exotic High Line for their trophy presentation and charity check presentation to Susan G. Komen for the cure. Last Wednesday, Waterford presented a check for $2,500 to the Susan G. Komen Foundation for the cure.

Being thankful

Waterford does not want to take for granted the good things that the Good Lord has already blessed his dealership with. When you plant a seed there is typically a harvest. The harvest that Manteca Ford has received has been abundant. “All of our needs have been met and it’s truly an honor to give back to our community and to humanity”. A lot of people don’t realize the impact on conducting business in your own city and community. When you conduct business in Manteca the tax dollars stay in the city and helps offset many expenses such as retention of valuable resources, police, fire, education etc. If you buy outside of the community, those tax dollars go to the city in which you make your purchase. An automobile purchase is probably the second biggest investment that someone will ever make in their lifetime. Subsequently, the tax revenue is higher than most purchases. The city of Manteca only has three new car dealers left that have been able to get through these tough times that have been particularly rough on auto dealerships. All of our dealers in town are competitive and will do whatever they can to earn your business.

Phil Waterford’s Manteca Ford & Exotic High Line has just completed the interior renovation of the main showroom, offices and customer waiting area. The main showroom has a sports feel with authentic memorabilia, an actual hardwood floor that you would find on a professional basketball court. The customer waiting area has been remodeled with new floors, kitchenette, flat screen TVs and comfortable seating. All of the supplies used for the renovation of my dealership came from local merchants. Including, B.R. Funsten for all of our flooring needs, OSH, Home Depot, Costco, American Furniture, Wal-Mart, K-Mart and Walgreens. We want to keep our spending in our community and encourage all of our employees to do the same.

No Greater Love than the love from a son or daughter to a mother

I was feeling blue as we approached the holiday season. Apparently, so many Americans find it tough as we go through the holidays. My father passed away in September of 2000. Although he is gone, I am one of the luckiest men in the world for having him in my life for so many years. I am also grateful for my mother. She always puts things into perspective. She asked me to change my focus and gave me some things to think about. For instance,  If you can see, talk and walk, if you have friends, family, opportunity, learn to appreciate that. Don’t go around complaining what’s wrong. Change your focus. If you get stuck in traffic, just think about all the people that don’t have a car. Tough day at the office? Just think about all the people who don’t have a job. Instead of complaining that your hair is turning grey, be grateful that it’s not turning loose.  For some of us, it’s too late. Staying grateful is the key to living life happy.

My dad often reminded me that we have a choice. We can either complain or praise. Before his untimely departure, he asked this question: If you only had an hour to live, who would you call, what would you say and what are you waiting for?  I don’t know a lot about theology, but the scripture says, life is like a vapor, we are here one moment and then we’re gone. Sometimes we live and act as if we are invincible like we’re always going to be here. I guess we forget how fragile life really is. If we really want change, we can’t expect the government to do it. The church has to get back in line. Our city is fortunate enough to have good community leaders, an outstanding newspaper and editor, and great clergyman representing all denominations. Pastor Mike Dillman, a proud Vietnam veteran and a man that I am proud to call my friend, has helped my dealership and our community in many different ways. The biggest thing that Pastor Mike Dillman has taught me is to focus on the good, slow down and appreciate what God has given us. Meditate on God’s goodness. God will take you places that you’ve never dreamed of so give God his glory. Whatever is in your heart will eventually come out of your mouth. The Lord giveth and taketh away.