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Health benefits of herbal teas
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There’s nothing like a refreshing cup of tea, but did you know that what you drink could help your health? It’s true, but it does depend on what sort of tea you choose!

The medicinal benefits available are varied, ranging from refreshing pick-me-ups and relaxing soothers, to extra help for digestion, sleep and your immune system. So pick carefully, or choose a selection in readiness for every health need!

Aid your digestion at the end of a meal with a freshly brewed cup of Peppermint tea.

Encourage restful sleep with a cup of Chamomile or Valerian tea. Or try a special mix designed for consumption at night.

Ginger is great for aiding nausea and quietly sipping a hot pure or mixed Ginger tea can help relieve feelings of sickness. It’s a good alternative to take ginger capsules and a bag can easily be carried around by those likely to suffer travel sickness, or by pregnant women concerned about morning sickness.
Immune System
The popular herb Echinacea can also be found in tea form. It’s often included with a fruity companion and offers an extra way to boost your immune system and encourage natural cold-fighting abilities.

If you have a busy job or are studying hard, then you could give your concentration a natural boost by drinking Ginkgo Biloba tea. It may even boost your memory skills, too.
Skin Cleansing
There are even herbal teas that could offer help for cleansing your skin. In particular, look out for teas such as Nettle, Lemon Balm or Red Clover.

Lemon Balm produces a sweet aroma and as a tea it’s ideal for calming you down and soothing away any stresses and strains. It’s also believed to have some anti-depressant properties too.

If headaches are a problem, you could give Rosemary a try. This herb contains antiseptic properties and can help relieve nagging headaches. Sometimes it can taste quite bitter, especially if it’s not blended with another herb, so if you don’t like the taste try adding a teaspoonful of honey to make it more palatable.

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