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Success with Mary Kay keeps Manteca woman in the pink with 10th car
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For 22 years, Sandra Munguia has been involved in Mary Kay Cosmetics.

A symbol of the company’s success is earning the iconic pink Cadillac. In her time with Mary Kay, Munguia, who is an executive director, has earned the coveted company car 10 times.

She proudly received No. 10 on Thursday, exchanging her 2011 Cadillac CTS for a 2013 SRX model in Lodi.

“It never gets old,” said Munguia, who attributed her team for making the honor possible.

In her time with Mary Kay, she’s helped developed a goodly number of consultants into directors.

“At least three of four (of my former consultants) have earned Cadillacs,” the Manteca resident noted.

She achieved No. 10 thanks in part to her team accumulating sales of $96,000 in products in six months.  “We had a customer who was going to Hawaii and ordered $640 in products. An order like that really helped our sales,” Munguia recalled.

She was a teenage when she was first introduced to Mary Kay Cosmetics at a sales party / demonstration. Yet Munguia took a different path by first becoming a paralegal.

She joined Mary Kay, looking at it initially as a business with flexible hours not to mention work that she could do from home.

“I thought I’d do this part time for just three months,” said Munguia, who found herself in a leadership / management role.

But she enjoyed working with people and, with hard work and effort, soon discovered she could make, for example, $350 in less than two hours.

She also liked the products and integrity of the company.

“There never that ‘aha’ moment for me,” Munguia said.

As a director, she earned her first car about two years after joining Mary Kay. That first car was a Pontiac Grand Am.

Each of the Mary Kay cars is repainted pink to match the Mountain Laurel Blush compact.

Every two years, a director or national director, according to the company’s website, can re-qualify for a new car. That’s when the two-year lease expires and the cars are repainted prior to being auctioned off.

Munguia has been through this process 10 times.

“This is all about everybody working together,” she said. “It takes a good team to make it happen.”

Munguia added, “As an entrepreneur, you can still make in this tough economy. But it takes a lot of hard work to succeed (in business).”

The pink Cadillac is a symbol of that success.

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