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Million Mile Motor at Cabral
Cabral Dodge Sales Associate Marty Steves shows the 2010 Dodge Ram Cummins Heavy Duty – the model that Motor Trend rated “The Truck of the Year.” - photo by JASON CAMPBELL
With an engine that’s been nicknamed “The Million Mile Motor” by longtime enthusiasts, it’s easy to see why the Dodge Ram Cummins diesel has a following all its own.

The longstanding king of the diesel market, the Ram Cummins Heavy Duty has been a fixture of tow-enthusiasts for decades and is only getting more popular as it evolves with the changing automotive marketplace.

Thanks to a new body style for 2010, the Ram Cummins Heavy Duty widens its appeal to a whole new crop of prospective buyers –boasting class exclusives like an integrated diesel exhaust break and the only EPA emission standards certification received by any of “The Big Three.”

“It’s got the only federally-rated engine in the class, and it has the nickname of the ‘The Million Mile Motor,’” Cabral Dodge Chrysler Jeep Sales Associate Marty Steves said. “When you look at how it has performed in the past and see the new changes you can see the value in this truck.”

While Ford and Chevy both offer V8 models for their top-of-the-line diesel, Dodge has stuck with the Straight-6 model that utilizes longer piston connecting rods to generate more torque. It is something that helps make the truck even more appealing to those looking to pull an ample amount of weight.

With a variable geometry turbocharger included, the Ram Cummins puts out an impressive 350-horsepower and 650 lb-ft of torque – numbers high enough to take best-in-class ratings in both categories.

All of those factors were just part of the reason Dodge is celebrating the Ram Heavy Duty 3500 being named Motor Trend’s 2010 Truck of the Year. It is the highest honor for any vehicle in its given designation.
“This is a truck that is so far ahead of everyone else when it comes to what it incorporates,” Steves said. “It has the power and the torque for guys who pull and haul and farm – people who need those things to get the job done.”

Cabral Chrysler Dodge Jeep is located at 114 W. Yosemite Ave. For more information, visit them on the web at, or call 823-1148.