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Google eyeing up to $30 billion in high tech foreign buyouts
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SUNNYVALE (AP) — Google is amassing cash overseas to help finance a foreign shopping spree that could cost up to $30 billion.

The potential price tag for Google’s international expansion plans surfaced Tuesday in documents disclosing the Internet company’s response to recent questions from the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Pressed to provide more details about its plans for its overseas cash, Google revealed that $20 billion to $30 billion is being set aside for the acquisition of foreign companies and technology rights held outside the U.S. The Mountain View, California-based company didn’t specify a timetable for completing the deals.

Google Inc. also says it might spend about $4 billion buying offices and data centers outside the U.S.

Google’s overseas cash totaled $34.5 billion through March. Another $25 billion is held in the U.S.