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New China restaurant in top 100 nationally
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Wendy and Jimmy Yeung, mother and son, show their excitement with awards naming their Ripon “New China Restaurant” as one of the top 100 in the country. - photo by GLENN KAHL
RIPON —  Wendy and John Yeung and their son Jimmy were ecstatic last week over their restaurant being named in the top 100 Regional Chinese cuisine restaurants in the United States.

Wendy said she started working in her family kitchen in China at a young age.  All the girls were expected to take part in the cooking from five years old on up, she said.

It was the fifth annual Nation Restaurant Association Healthy Dining event held in Las Vegas that set the background for their presentation.  David Yep, brother-in-law of owner John Yeung, received the award on stage.

Wendy said when she first came to the U. S. she settled in New Jersey where she worked in a family member’s “New China” restaurant.  Much of the Ripon restaurant’s business is take out.  The Yeungs always seem to remember their former customers when they enter their front door.