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Nissan turns over a new Leaf
Tom King shows off the 40th anniversary edition of the award-winning Nissan 370Z. - photo by JASON CAMPBELL
TRACY – Nissan has got all of its bases covered.

World-renowned for producing one of the most recognizable and affordable sports cars on the market, the company is also gearing up for the early ordering for the Nissan Leaf – the company’s first-ever 100 percent electric vehicle that will seat five passengers, hit 90 miles per hour on the speedometer, and run 100 miles on a single charge.

And that’s while riding the wave of the 40th anniversary of the Nissan Z-series – a line that has sparked a phenomenon of enthusiasts and redesigned the way that people think about performance vehicles.

“This is a true sports car, and it’s one of the best on the market when it comes to the price,” said Tracy Nissan sales associate Tom King. “It’s the flagship of the brand, and as it evolves it continues to attract even more people.”

After the model went on hiatus following the launch and subsequent production of the high-popular 300Z, Nissan returned the model in 2002 to widespread acclaim with the 350Z which sported a redesigned body style and introduced various models to suit the individual tastes of prospective buyers.

The wave of success lasted eight years until Nissan unveiled the 370Z in 2009 – powered by a 3.7-liter V6 engine that puts out 332 horsepower and was rated one of the ten best motors ever constructed by Ward’s Auto News.

Customers flocked to the new model  bringing in both buyers who had always been fans of the Z-series but never actually owned one and longtime enthusiasts who appreciated the performance and the style of the new model.

“People that buy this car are always very happy with what it is that they’re buying,” King said of the 370Z. “We get everybody from youngsters to people who might be on their second or third Z-series model. It’s a car that has always had a following, and that continues today.”

And starting April 20, Nissan customers will have the opportunity to make history by reserving one of the first mass-market electric cars ever available to consumers – the tailpipe-free Nissan Leaf.

Sparked by the “green” movement and the gradual shift away from cars powered by fossil-fuels, the Leaf – which is highway ready thanks to a top speed of 90 miles per hour and incorporates recycled material into the actual construction of the car – is expected to the shatter the mold and change the way that motorists think about driving.

In addition to a 220V home charging station that will completely rejuvenate the battery in only eight hours, Nissan is currently working with community partners like malls, restaurants, shopping centers, and other commercial entities in order to provide hook-ups for motorists to allow for complete convenience in driving.

The pre-order window for the Nissan Leaf begins April 20 and continues through May 15. For more information about the Nissan Leaf, visit

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