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Oil change outlet gives days profit to employees
SpeeDee Oil Change and Tune-Up owner Adam Ballard and employee Tony White check the size of an air filter. Ballard and his partners allowed SpeeDee workers to split the profits earned the day after Christmas. - photo by JASON CAMPBELL
Tony White didn’t care one bit about having to work the day after Christmas.

That’s because the 29-year-old White was going to get to split the profits that SpeeDee Oil Change and Tune-Up made that day – an added perk that the owners decided to give their employees to thank them for their hard work throughout the year.

“I thought it was awesome when I first heard about it,” said White – who has been a SpeeDee employee since March. “I was a little bit worried that it would be a slow day, but it was busy and we all got a chance to take something (extra) home. I was really happy after work.”

According to SpeeDee owner Adam Ballard, the idea came from partner Craig Andrade who wanted to do something for his hard-working employees since they weren’t able to give Christmas bonuses this year.

Each worker was treated to a Christmas dinner and presents were handed out to everyone, but Andrade wanted to do something extra special for those who turn the wrenches each and every day the shop is open for business.

“We have kind of a tight-knit brotherhood here,” Ballard said. “You see these guys every day when you come to work, so you build a bond there. And we wanted to do something to keep that bond strong like it is right now.”

According to Ballard the ownership group figured out how much it would cost to operate the business for a day – the overhead expenses like rent, franchise fees, electricity and the like – and subtracted that from the daily take.

Anything that was left over was divided among the five employees that hustled to meet the surprisingly high demand for a Sunday.

“We wanted to keep the shop open until 5 p.m.,” said White laughingly – noting that the business closes early on Sundays but the waves of customers had the workers actually wanting to work late. “They said that we couldn’t, but we still had a good time here. I’m happy that they did that for us this year.”