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Supernatural experiences continue to occur at N. Main street location
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Phil Waterford at one time was interested in acquiring the former Dodge dealership that was vacant on Yosemite Avenue and relocating his Ford franchise.

As a matter of fact he retained the services of a local contractor who completed some work to the facility prior to Waterford having a change of heart for the location. John Gonzalez recalls completing electrical work and roof repairs when Waterford contacted him and stated that he was no longer interested in the property. Gonzalez was also surprised when Waterford issued a check for the services that were rendered for the renovation of the property.

John Gonzalez who is the owner of Renovation Construction stated that “Waterford has provided my company and employees with enough work that has allowed me to stay in business during these tough economic times.”

 Last week Gonzalez decided to change insurance companies to secure lower premiums for his trucks, trailers, and tools. He was informed by his new agent that he would have a four-hour lapse of insurance coverage as he was advised to take it easy for the short gap of uninsured coverage. Unfortunately this represented a conflict for Gonzalez as he had made a prior commitment to Manteca Ford to complete a time sensitive repair.

“I told Mr. Waterford I would be at his dealership at 8 a.m. to complete the repairs. So I showed up a little early to fulfill my commitment. When I arrived at the dealership I parked my diesel truck and twenty-foot trailer behind the main showroom. As I was backing up, my truck started to bog out as the engine sputtered and shut off. I thought to myself, what is going on as I realized I must’ve backed into something. When I got out of my truck I saw a service customer getting into her new car and driving off. All I kept thinking about was I had just backed into her car, but as she drove by slowly there was no damage to her vehicle. So I decided to go behind my trailer to see what was stopping me from backing up. There was nothing there. Then I noticed that there were two fresh hand prints on the back of my trailer.” This was an amazing experience.