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The Diet Center: Going on 20 years helping people
Sandra Costa of The Diet Center. - photo by MONICA CANE

Sandra Costa, owner of The Diet Center in Manteca, will be celebrating 19 successful years in business this month.

 Unlike other owners of small companies that try reinventing themselves as part of their marketing plan for growth, Costa has maintained her business with the exact same values, beliefs and systems that she had when she first opened the doors almost two decades ago.

“My number one goal has always been to help people” she said.

Costa’s help has consistently gone far beyond developing a weight loss and maintenance program for her clients.  While comprehensive programs are established in order for clients to reach their weight goals, her help is more personal as she believes each person that walks through her doors is more than just numbers on a scale.  

Viewing each client from an emotional and spiritual aspect, Costa makes it her personal responsibility to counsel, guide and wholeheartedly care for each individual client in order to bring out the best in them while they are with her at The Diet Center.  

“I have some clients who have been with me from the very start” said Costa.

Although these faithful clients have long since met their weight loss goals a number of them continue to visit The Diet Center because of the unconditional love and support they receive from Costa.  

“I’m a huggie, touchy person” she said.  “Many of my clients come in and just need a hug.”

Earning a degree in psychology from the California State University, Stanislaus at the age of 50 in addition to her own life experiences, has allowed Costa to incorporate counseling as a major part of her program.   Adding emotional and spiritual counseling to a proper weight management program has helped numerous clients work through various problems which they may not have been aware of prior to their struggle with food.  Emotional eating is a common way for many to suppress or soothe stress, anger, anxiety, boredom, sadness or loneliness.  People are often completely unaware of it until someone like Costa comes along and lovingly helps them understand how their emotions are affecting their lives.  

Costa keeps what she calls a “Fuzzy Folder” near her desk filled with letters written from clients over the years revealing how her listening, related and counseling gave them the tools they needed to be healthier and happier in every way.

“People hold things inside,” Costa said. “Sometimes they just need to dump their bucket.”

By allowing her clients to dump their emotional bucket while teaching them how to eat nutritious foods, work through their problems and take care of themselves, The Diet Center are experiencing great success.

While many of her friends have long-since retired Costa doesn’t believe retirement is anywhere near her future.  

“My love for people keeps me here” she said.

 Known as a pillar of hope by her array of clients, Costa feels honored to help people and looks forward with great anticipation to many more years of doing the same.

For more information about The Diet Center call (209) 239-3438.