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UFO Over Woodward Park or is he just dreaming...
Phil in front of dealership with a radio controlled glider. - photo by Photo Contributed

If you see an unidentified flying object over Woodward Park in Manteca with bright neon lights that sometimes just hovers about 10,000 feet, it’s probably just Phil Waterford enjoying one of his favorite pastimes. “I have many hobbies, but one of my favorite hobbies is flying my radio controlled airplanes, gliders, drones and helicopters. I also have many radio controlled cars, but enjoy flying and building the planes the most.”

“When I’m at the park, I’m really dreaming, relaxing and planning all aspects of my life personally and professionally. I encourage people to go out and find someplace where they can dream. Go to the park, watch the sunset, look up at the stars and think about God’s goodness.” Waterford said that he has been blessed to surround himself with people that build him up and not tear him down.

“Most of us live in an enclosed environment where our vision is limited. When I travel, I’m often inspired, not depressed. The scripture says “Where there is no vision, people perish” Proverbs 29:18

“My father always challenged me to be around people that are going places, get around other dreamers, people that inspire you to rise higher. He would say “if you’re the smarter one in your group, your group is too small” so he encouraged me to be around people that know more than me. Life is not fair, but God is fair. When I see people that are successful, I’m encouraged that if God did it for them, then he would do it for me. He always said “one day instead of having the dream, you’ll be living the dream”.

Too often we settle for mediocrity. My dreams always look impossible to others. However, when you see yourself accomplishing your dreams, all these unseen forces begin to move in your direction. So don’t get discouraged, see the problem turned around. I’ve learned that God’s plan will not be canceled because of a disappointment. I have made many mistakes. Sometimes people will even walk out on you, if this happens, you probably really didn’t need them anyway. Shake off the disappointments and get a fresh new vision. I have learned to turn that setback into a set-up to do something even greater. The scripture says “Weeping may endure for a night but joy is coming in the morning” See yourself strong. Believe in one good break, one phone call, one promotion. If you can see the invisible, God can do the impossible.

It is an honor to be your Ford dealer in this community! My dreams have ALL been too big for me to accomplish on my own. What I have learned is that one touch of God’s favor can bring any dream to pass.