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Faith gives nail salon a good vibe
The staff at Fashion Nails work with a client. - photo by MONICA CANE
Have you ever noticed how some stores give off a good vibe the moment you walk in, one that is friendly, warm and welcoming, while others don’t?  Whether the shop is big or small, new or old makes no difference, it all comes down to the vibe.  If the vibe is good you’ll come back, if it’s not you won’t.

The first time I walked into Fashion Nails in Manteca (near Mt. Mike’s Pizza) I immediately sensed a pleasant and peaceful vibe.  The owners David and Tina welcomed me with a great smile and quickly asked my name.  I only told it to them once and they never forgot.   Three years later, each time I walk through the doors, they greet me by name, they give the same great smile, ask me how I’ve been, give me a comfortable place to sit,  then treat me as if I was their most important customer.  Of course they treat everyone that way, but it always makes me feel special.

When getting my nails done, sometimes we chit-chat but most of the time we are quiet.  Not because there isn’t anything to be said but because David and Tina seem to have a keen way of paying attention to the vibe of their customers.  If a customer seems tired, they encourage them to rest silently while being taking care of.  If a customer seems energetic they welcome conversation sprinkled with laughter.   

What I personally find most interesting and what adds to the great vibe is that David and Tina also known as Ngam Hoang and Hoa Vuong are Vietnamese and while their English is fine, I imagine speaking in their own language to one another throughout the work day would be much easier for them.  After all, that’s what other employees who speak different languages in other businesses do and I would certainly understand.  However, knowing that the majority of their customers primarily speak English, David and Tina choose to speak English more often than not in front of their customers. And in a strange way that somehow adds to the vibe that says, we care about our customers.

If I ever had any questions as to why there is such a positive vibe at Fashion Nails, they were answered one afternoon not long ago. I felt worn-out from the day and was in need of a recharge but said nothing of it to Tina as she worked quietly on my nails.  In a rare moment, Tina suddenly pulled out her Bible written in Vietnamese from the corner of her work station and showed it me.  I had never seen Vietnamese writing and thought it was beautiful.  For the next ten minutes, while she filed, buffed, polished and painted my nails Tina spoke of her love for God.  By the time she finished, not only did my nails look great but I was moved by her sincere passion for faith.

When it comes to great nails and a fantastic faith-filled vibe, all I can say is, Fashion Nails, Bn là hay nht! (You’re the best!).