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Let God do your driving
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Last summer, I took my teenage daughter to an empty school parking lot and gave her her first driving lesson.  From seatbelts to mirror checks, to proper hand position on the wheel, we covered everything she would need to know before she even started the car.   She listened carefully, and when I was certain she was ready. I gave her the go-ahead to start the engine which she did with ease.   My heart was filled with joy and pride as my daughter cruised around the empty lot at 5 mph.  We practiced the same routine for many days and when she was ready, I guided her beyond the protected gates of the parking lot and had her drive around the block a few times at a whopping 20 mph.   Naturally, she did a fabulous job, and I felt a sense of peace while she drove.

Now, many months later, my daughter has practiced driving all over town and beyond — on main roads, dirt roads, in the rain, during the day, at night and on the freeway.  Truthfully she’s doing great and will be ready for her upcoming driver’s test at the DMV.   However, one thing I’ve noticed while riding in the passenger seat these days is that I no longer have a sense of peace.  Instead, I usually feel uptight and I didn’t quiet realize what the problem was until just the other day.  

My daughter drove us around for an hour and I was grumpy, which made her grumpy and made the practice less than pleasant.  As soon as the lesson was over however, I slipped back into the driver’s seat and immediately noticed how my mind and body relaxed and my grumpiness disappeared.   I recognized that my tension wasn’t because of my daughter’s driving ability but because I tend to feel a greater “sense of peace” when I’m in the driver’s seat, when I’m in control.   I didn’t mind giving up a little control when she first started in the parking lot or even when she first branched out elsewhere because I still felt I had some sort of control as I guided her.   But now that she’s got it, I realize that when she’s behind the wheel, I have no control at all.

Then it occurred to me that if our “sense of peace” only comes when we think we’re in control of a situation, whether it’s driving lessons or a hundred other areas in life, then it’s no wonder peace is hard to maintain.  Think about it, what are we really in control in this world? Not much.

Proverbs 16:9: “A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps,” reminds us that while we may think we have control in different areas of our life, God is really the only one in complete control of anything and everything.  And with Him in control we can have more than a “sense of peace” but a solid, unshakeable peace that won’t fade.

A few days later I went for another drive with my daughter, and I have to admit. I really did enjoy the ride.  Sure my daughter may have hit a few bumpy spots and made a few rookie mistakes, but I kept in mind that just like in life, I’m simply a passenger while God is behind the wheel and in control.

If you are in the driver’s seat too often, maybe it’s time scoot over and let God drive.

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