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Remember, were all in His army
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 “The Lord almighty is mustering an army of war.” Isaiah 13:4
Have you ever noticed how the only thing you can be certain of at any given time is that life is full of change?  Sudden changes with our jobs, homes, status, family, finances, or friends can and do take place every day without much warning.  With each change we find ourselves needing to re-adjust emotionally, mentally or spiritually in some way and it’s never easy.  Each change is a constant reminder that there is a battle going on in us and around us.  Battles we must fight like it or not.  We can’t escape it, life is full of challenges which means that even on our very best day, we may still have a battle to fight.

The types of battles we face on daily basis may vary.  Today it may be a verbal attack from a co-worker or family member that needs to be dealt with. Tomorrow it may be a sudden illness, next week it may be a bad attitude or some type of financial catastrophe that shakes things up.  Whatever it is, each day in and of itself brings plenty of battles that we must be prepared to fight against if we are going to make it through this life with victory.
Fortunately, Isaiah 13:4 lets us know that God Himself is mustering up an army of war to fight against such battles.  Any idea who the soldiers are of this great army?  That’s right!  You and I, we’re it, we are God’s chosen army to fight against life’s many challenges.  

We can only do this because God put His spirit inside us the moment we chose to believe in Him and because of His indwelling spirit, we have all that we need to stand firm and fight against the many changes that come along and threaten to break our spirit each and every day.  Even when you or I feel weak, the truth is, we are strong enough to fight any battle or deal with any challenge that comes our way simply because God is the one who has mustered us up to fight.  He created us, He believes in us and He is with us.  
So when all is said and done, we actually can be certain of a few things more than we realized.  We can be certain that change happens, we can be sure that change often brings battles, and most importantly we can be certain that God has given us, His soldiers, the ability to fight life’s battles and with His help, to win.  

 Whatever challenges you face, know that God has prepared you for battle He is leading the way.
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