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The longing in my soul
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“We are looking forward to a new heaven and a new earth, the home of the righteousness” — 2 Peter 3:17
I have a longing in my soul but for what I do not know

At times I believe I grab hold of bits and pieces

The longing for peace, safety and a deeper love.

I find a measure of it during quiet time and prayer, but as time

goes on it fades.

What remains is a questionable longing in my soul, but for what

I do not know.

Like most, I long to achieve and accomplish, to expand my mind with new ideas, to better myself, to reach my potential.

And every once in awhile I do.

Still, I have a longing in my soul but for what I do not know

I seek council from friends and knowledge from books.

I search and search until I am exhausted from my own efforts

Then, as if an afterthought, I seek wisdom from God

I bring my question of longing before the One I should have gone to first.

I ask: What is it that I desire? What beckons me night and day?  What is it that leaves me with a tinge of discontentment though I have much to be grateful for?

The moment my questions are raised the eyes of my soul are opened.

Understanding comes like a slow smile of sunshine peeking through the crack of a slightly opened door

On one side of the door, the side that I stand on, is my desires, dreams and goals.

On the other side is something unknown, yet strangely familiar.

What is it?

My anticipation increases as I grab hold of the door too heavy for me to open alone.

My Father places His hand over mine and pulls the door wide open to let the sunlight in.

The other side of the door, the side where my longing dwells, is heaven my real home.

I am only a visitor here

During my stay, I am given desires, dreams and goals and the tools needed to fulfill them.

But not for my benefit alone but for the purpose of fulfilling the work of my heavenly Father.

When that work is done, the inner longing that I have will be fulfilled

No longer will there be a tinge of discontentment

In its place a soul fully satisfied as I step through heaven’s door and into my home.

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