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Tribute to his mom; reflections on Mexico
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Dear readers,  
I returned last Friday from a journey into the heart of Mexico.   At that time, the Swine Flu scare was at its height.  I would never have gone, if I hadn’t felt called by the Lord, and if He hadn’t opened the way.  My reflections on that four-day journey will be carried in this Monday’s Bulletin. It chronicles my interactions with many Mexicans responding to the international menace, the closure of every school in the country, and the cancellation of thousands of events.

We Americans live in relative security.  We can learn from the way in which people of less privileged nations respond to their national emergencies, and to the countless trials and tribulations of their lives.

Also, I have written a tribute to my mother.  She deserves the best of celebrations tomorrow.   Sunday’s Bulletin will carry the tribute.  Although not everyone has been blessed with a caring mother, all of us can take the opportunity of Mothers’ Day to thank the Lord for the woman who brought us into the world, and for the one who brought us up.  May all our mothers be richly blessed.  May God reward their labors and grant them the satisfaction of seeing their children’s children.

Fr. Dean McFalls, St. Mary’s Church, Stockton.