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Avoid bathroom remodeling blues with budget-friendly tips
Simply changes can have an impact and reduce remodeling costs. - photo by Photo Contributed

Beautifying your bathroom sounds exciting but oftentimes renovation plans begin with good intentions and end up a long, costly nightmare. The national average cost for a bathroom remodel is $10,142, according to the Cost Guide from That’s a hefty investment but one that can easily be reduced with a simple refresh of the space instead. Here are five cost-effective updates you can make to your bathroom in as little as a weekend.

Enhance walls with color and pattern

You don’t need to re-paint an entire room to alter its overall appearance. Adding a color or design to just one wall in the bathroom can revive the whole space. Have some fun with an accent wall - yellows and golds will warm it up, greens and blues are calming; and if you want bold color, Radiant Orchid, Pantone’s 2014 color of the year, is a bright hue that will really pop. Striped patterns are also a great option - they’re modern and on-trend, plus provide an easy fix for smaller areas. You can use the direction of the stripes to make the space seem larger: horizontal stripes will make it look wider, whereas vertical stripes will elongate walls and give the illusion of a higher ceiling.