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Choose right lighting for your home
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Just like many products, when it comes to purchasing new light bulbs, nothing beats the in-store experience. Seeing the difference in lighting has a stronger impact than online reviews from other consumers or experts.

In fact, the 7th annual Socket Survey from Osram Sylvania found that most Americans determine which bulb they need based on information learned from product packaging, in-store displays or from store employees.

Confusing lighting options

As a bright new era of lighting technology is ushered in, the array of energy-efficient choices can be somewhat overwhelming. Choosing new or replacement bulbs includes options for color temperature, tunable white light, applications and more – and newer technologies are more prevalent on store shelves after the incandescent phase-out.

While Americans are familiar with these lighting technologies, choosing the right product may be confusing. The main options to choose from in the lighting aisle include:

uHalogen bulbs are essentially incandescents with a small amount of gas inside, making them more efficient. These bulbs offer a range of color quality from bright white to a familiar warm light of traditional incandescents.

uCompact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) use up to 75 percent less energy than incandescents. Improvements in CFL technology have reduced the harsh light often associated with them, and they are now available in soft white, bright white and daylight colors.

uLight-emitting diode (LED) bulbs have increased energy efficiency (up to 80 percent less than incandescents) and last anywhere from 15 to 20 years. LED bulbs offer a great range and quality of color and are incredibly reliable and sustainable.

Finding the right bulb

Home improvement company, Lowe’s, invited consumers to participate in a study that would help shape a better customer shopping experience and what they heard was illuminating. From consumer feedback that ranged from “unsure” to “overwhelming” to “confusing,” Lowe’s redesigned the entire lighting aisle for a more streamlined and informative shopping experience.

Now, choosing a lighting replacement isn’t just practical but intuitive in Lowe’s stores. Signage with clear, simplified messaging, displays that compare different lighting technologies, and even shelf height adjustments are just some of the changes consumers will notice in the new and improved lighting aisle. For example, based on research that showed lingering confusion about the quality and benefits of LED lighting, Lowe’s designed a lit LED bulb display in each section that demonstrates the light output and shows the quality of the bulbs to consumers.

A better light bulb shopping experience gives context to what type of bulb is needed through interactive point of purchase displays and is clearly organized into bold, color-coded sections by application: general purpose, decorative, indoor/outdoor, specialty or fluorescent. The redesign not only helps customers more easily find the product they need, but also helps them feel more confident in their decision.

For more ways to use energy-efficient LED lighting in the home, visit and find expert advice to help navigate your light bulb choices at your local Lowe’s.