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Clients view: Heres what we want Realtors to go for us
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The Boys were being interviewed a few days ago by a prospective seller who would also be a potential buyer after the sale.  The couple was explaining what they expected a Realtor do if he or she was to represent them.  Lloyd and Larry thought it might be an interesting read for our readers.  Honestly, it was interesting and a learning experience for us Boys.  The following is what we heard.
OK gentlemen let’s get started with our interview.  The Mrs. and I have outlined kind of what we’d expect or request of any Realtor who was to represent us.  We have, or are following prudent advice, and interviewing 3 or 4 fellow local Realtors.  We thought you all should know at least that we are looking and talking to others.  We asked you here so we both could get a feel and see if we can work together in a sale and possibly a purchase.  We just have not yet decided if we stay in the Valley or go elsewhere. 
As sellers, with you representing us, we’d expect you Boys, to make sure we are listed competitively.  My wife and I are both from upper management jobs and understand that its location and price that will sell this home.  Do you have any comments so far? 
We were luck in that we knew the sellers and their backgrounds so we were not surprised by this bold straight talk.  We countered with as Realtors we can tell you what we feel the list price should be.  We can back that up by doing a good job on picking the correct comparables to your home.  Many times when we suggest a price the sellers are aghast and counter with ‘but our home has a new roof, or a pool or something’ that the seller feels the comps don’t have.  Sellers feel their home should be worth more, or in some case far more, than the market will allow.  It’s up to the sellers to set the price. 
OK, next on our list are items that we feel our listing team should be in charge of from the beginning.  We don’t want to field calls from other agents wanting to show our home.  We want to hear from you and only you.  We’d expect a for sale sign up within 24 hours.  OK? I think this is all standard business for most Realtors.  We hope you agree. 
Here’s where you might disagree with my wife and I. When we get that offer we more than expect we demand that you come prepared to the presentation with the following.  Highlights of the offer.  Ask the selling Realtor how they came to the offered price and try to do comparables from that information.  We’d expect a net sheet telling us after all closing costs and after the bank is paid off what we’d be netting in our pocket.  One thing more.  We expect your input.  Can we counter and possibly get another $500? Is this the buyers’ best offer.  Can the buyers perform?  You Boys have the feel for the market my wife and I do not. 
Then after we have an accepted offer we want you two to set up the times for all the inspections.  Do your best to get the inspections completed in one day if possible or maybe 2 days.  Then when the reports come in we’d like to sit down with you and go over the reports.  Can we get this done by a handy person?  When the time comes for signing title documents we ask that one of you be present at the signing. 
Gentlemen, are we in agreement so far.  So far sir we strive to do everything you have asked for on every one of our listings or purchases.  Good, they responded.
Next, if and when we sell we’ll need to find us a good lender.  We want you Boys to help us find the right lender for our personalities, not a YES person.  Someone who will say no can do sir.  We then want to see houses in our price range not something listed for $50,000 more than what we want to spend.  If you try and show us one of those we want to know why.  When we find something we like we’d expect you to dig up some closed sales to help us offer the right price and then of course write up an offer that both is competitive and one that protects your clients, us.  Then, we want you Boys to get us a home inspection, pest inspection and any other inspection you feel necessary for the subject.  Again, you Boys are in the market, feet on the ground.  You should know what we may need inspection wise. 
Then again set up the loan and the title people so in the end we have a smooth, seamless transaction.  And then of course we’d expect you to help us on moving day.  Just kidding gents.  We wanted to see your faces.  OK, we’ve done all the talking.  Do you have anything to add too add or subtract at this point?  We did not and left the interview. 
Back to reality.  You may think readers that this couple was being unreasonable with their demands.  We did not.  Oh, they sounded gruff and rough but all any client wants is to feel they are the most important couple on this earth.  They have entrusted you with their most prized possession, selling or buying a home.  We don’t think any of the above is asking too much of a Realtor. 
We got the listing a few weeks later it was listed just a little bit higher than we wanted but when we got the first offer we did exactly what the sellers asked for in the interview.   Current market comps and a net sheet based on this offered price.  We countered with the sellers’ price and the buyers came back with their counter.  Mister seller wanted to hold his countered price.  Lloyd and Larry caught each other’s eyes.  Larry being the blunt one said Mister Seller you haven’t asked our opinion but you did in the interview.  We think this price is fair and we think you should take it and get going to where ever you plan to go.  They took our advice.