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Create a relaxing outdoor living space
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You can create your own patio furniture. - photo by Photo Contributed

Cool drinks. Barbecues. Relaxing. They’re all the makings of the perfect summer evening when enjoying time with family and friends. It’s the season when everyone is looking for ways to spend time outside - and with a little ingenuity, a bit of a green thumb and a knack for do-it-yourself projects, the backyard can easily become an outdoor oasis. Here are some summer project tips:

Deck prep: Many homes have a patio or deck. A fresh sweep, followed by a hose-down of the area will clear off any debris from the patio. A coat of fresh stain on a deck will liven up the whole space.

Garden ready: Make sure garden beds are free of overgrowth and weeds. If they’re looking a little sparse, consider enhancing the area with low-maintenance perennials. Add pops of color with annual flowers such as impatiens, geraniums and marigolds. For additional adornments, plant annual flowers in pots of different shapes and sizes that can be clustered on the corner of the patio or deck.

Climb high: If you enjoy climbing flowers like clematis or climbing snapdragons, it’s simple to build a free standing garden obelisk to create a colorful focal point. Simplify construction and save time by using a SKIL Compound Miter Saw. Finish the garden with fresh mulch to help control weeds and keep the ground moist.

Outdoor living: Cooking with outdoor grills can help keep the heat out of the kitchen. An outdoor fire pit serves as an inviting centerpiece to the area, allowing everyone to enjoy cooler summer evenings.

Relax and enjoy: Finally, create seating areas where family and friends can relax. The classic Adirondack chair is the perfect option for additional seating. Why not take it a step further and create a cozy seat for two, including a table and a place for an umbrella to shade the area? The only needed tools to build a double Adirondack chair are a SKIL jigsaw, circular saw and drill. The step-by-step instructions on SKIL’s website will show you how to build each chair, the center table and assemble all of the pieces to create the seat. You’ll have a new outdoor seating area that is custom for your backyard oasis.

With a little work around the backyard, you’ll have a comfortable and cozy living space that can be used during warm summer months. For more do-it-yourself projects and tips for every season, visit